12 August

Let come true your dreams !HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014!

New Year ... you meet at least one child who would not love this holiday?Frankly, and adults who do not like New Year, too, there is little.

waiting for a miracle, something fabulous, magical, we are from childhood - from the time when we believed in Santa Claus and waited, hoping that he will carry concealed dream to bring the most welcome gift.And Santa Claus, often, did not deceive our expectations - under the tree having the desired toy.As we get older - presents "grew up" with us.

¬ęsaid the New Year, do not covet, everything always happens, everything always comes true!" - These words of the nursery rhyme we all remember.However, for a long time already we do not believe in miracles, and desire, uttered to himself under the chimes of New Year's Eve, rarely come true or not true at all.

a child thought for the most part, consistent with the desires and all the energy of the Child aimed at their implementation.And children do not doubt that all wishes come true, a miracle will happen, and nothing

it does not hurt.

And we adults - realists.And zagadyvaya his desires in his heart already lists the reasons that a miracle will happen to us, that is, even dreaming, we do not believe that our dreams will come true.Maybe we just forgot how to dream?

What if the fate of the reverse?Make a wish and not have to think about the obstacles to its implementation, but on the contrary, to seek all possible ways to implement it?We are in life is not just making plans, it is real, we envisage a specific list of actions to implement them.

The same applies to our dreams.Do you want to fall in love in the New Year?Then do not sit at home and do not wait at the window until you come to the "prince on a white horse."Go forward, looking for the prince, choose it from the crowd.You - a strong, smart, strong and confident woman - so what the prince will be able to stand in front of you ?!

you want in your family relationships back old feelings?So it is, first of all, depends on you!Do not skimp on the sweet words, tell your husband you love him, you are happy that all those years ago, that he met on your way.And that you are confident about the future, because all these years feel his sturdy shoulder near!Your husband can not fail to appreciate these words if they are spoken from the heart.

you want a holiday in the New Year's Eve?Do not expect that someone will come and pull you to the prom - Gather friends, come up with an interesting program, some simple snacks, competitions, toasts, humorous gifts.It will be a surprise for all, and for the joy you have because you have brought so much pleasure to your friends.

new work, the solution of financial problems, too, is up to you on the first step, which can do only you!Do not be afraid of change in their lives.Even if you will fail, it will only mean that you need to go the other way to the dream.

To dream come true, you need to believe in it, believe like a child, without thinking that someone or something will put obstacles to its implementation.And this confidence will give you strength to implement the most ambitious plans and ideas.

guessing their desires!You stronger, wiser, more experienced and more successful than you think for themselves!Do not be afraid of the future - it is beautiful at any age, in any situation, because it depends on you the most!And may you always lucky!

Happy New Year, dear readers and readers!Happy New Year, dear women!I wish you happiness, because you deserve it!Look at yourself in the mirror - you are the most beautiful!It knows your family and friends, it must be fully and you will feel!And all you get, you just want to much of it!

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