12 August

The healing properties of jade ( alternative medicine )

It has been known since ancient times many peoples and valued higher than other stones (even gold) in China, Japan and many countries in Europe, South America.It is about nephritis.At all times, the stone was used for the treatment of kidney problems, which are considered to be the seat of vital energy cheloveka.Poetomu jade is also called "stone of life".And, its very name comes from the word "nefros", which translated from Greek means "kidney" .Nefrit - amphibole group mineral green.It happens and light, milky-green and very dark - almost black.People began to use this mineral for several millennia BC.From it were made tools, weapons, objects of worship.Japanese More like black jade-green Europeans, Mongols - white, but it is appreciated everywhere equally high.In ancient China, jade is a stone of heaven and earth, Wisdom and Eternity.He valued so high that no price seemed excessive."Gold has a price, jade is priceless," - says an old Chinese proverb.In the East, it believed that the heavenly throne o

f the Buddha made of jade.From the same stone and the throne was a Chinese emperor.

jade still grind out the sculptural images of Buddha.Emerald Buddha (height 66 cm) in Bangkok today s national shrine of Thailand.In China, jade is considered the most important and most beautiful of all the stones.About beautiful woman say, "redolent Jade."On the territory of Mexico and Central America, where the highly developed civilization of the Maya and Aztecs, jade is also valued more than gold.It was a sacred stone of the highest wisdom, the symbol of power and wealth.Aztec ruler Montezuma after his first meeting with the Spanish conquistador Cortes allegedly told his advisers: "Glory to God!They need only to gold and silver.they do not know anything about the jade. "The Indians, like the Chinese, believe in the magical influence of jade on human health and life.

Jade recovers and leads to normal human energy.Stone treats not only the kidneys.It improves blood circulation, has a positive effect on the bone marrow, to resolve issues with the spleen, removes internal and external inflammation.Treats haemorrhoids, eczema and lichen.If a sore stomach or the heart is constantly wear on the chest pendant made of white jade.

Talisman jade protect against poisoning, give courage, eliminate discomfort.In addition, to help cope with life's setbacks, prevent misfortune.Statuet ka jade, donated his beloved, help her to quickly get pregnant and give birth safely.In the East, in order to protect the health of the newborn, he put jade jewelry.Jade has the ability to smooth wrinkles.In ancient times, beauticians after the massage was applied to the face beauties jade plate.They make the skin fresh and pink.

Jade helps to know the meaning of life, to become virtuous and wise, just, steadfast and courageous, compassionate and humble.Stone can internally transform a person, but only if he himself is able to change and learn from life.Jade - a barometer of your behavior: it gets dark on the hand of man hopeless, persist in their delusions, and the reluctance to change.Energetically, this is a very strong stone, able to convey the owner of a charge of energy and take it out of the life tupika.Nefrit gives peace of mind, extinguishes the offense (tightly squeeze the stone in his hand, and he gives you rest).Although jade is often considered the mascot of single people, it helps spouses find mutual understanding and facilitates a difficult birth.

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