12 August

Treatment of medicinal plants .A little history

Already at the dawn of human society, the plants were not only a source of nutrition, but also as a medicine.Observations of the wounded or sick animals, always selecting the right "medicine" among plants, made it possible to study the medicinal properties of plants, also enriched the arsenal of drugs cheloveka.V folk medicine has long been used Leuzea Siberia.The roots of this plant is known popularly called "maral root".It turns out that the deer (deer) in the fall, before the onset of marital fights, chasing hard Leuzea eating plant roots.This prompted people to think, is not "maral root" means invigorating the body of the beast.As a tonic effect of the roots of Rhaponticum became property of traditional medicine.

only relatively recently, in the middle of the XX century, the healing properties of levzei were evaluated scientific medicine, and drugs began to apply it in general medical practice.So that was the first teacher of the human nature, and the first pharmacy - forest and field.

gradually accumulated knowledge and passed medicinal properties of plants from generation to generation.In two-three thousand years before Christ was known about the healing effects of many plants.The development of agriculture has contributed more careful study of useful properties of plants and the selection for the cultivation of the most valuable representatives of wild plants, including medicinal plants.

Which only means and methods of treatment of a person is not tried for thousands of years!Most of them did not give or therapeutic effect, or, as it turned out later, provided multiple side effects on the body.

As time went on - some remedies were replaced by other, more efficient and sophisticated.Only a few of the methods of recovery withstood centuries of selection, received universal recognition came from folk medicine in a modern and properly serve the people.This applies mainly to natural means - hardening, water treatment, massage, health food and, of course, to Herbal Medicine - Herbal Medicine (from the Greek "phyton." - Plant and "therapy" - treatment).

Using medicinal plants, ancient physicians believed that the healing properties have all their component parts, and tried as much as possible carefully preserved nature of this combination of materials.

author of the new doctrine of the medicinal plants was a great doctor of the Christian era Claudius Galen .He wrote about 400 works on various issues of natural science and philosophy, half of them devoted to medicine.rich material in the form of standard formulations and tips to meet the needs of medical practitioner has been collected in the writings of Galen.

Galen was of the opinion that the medicinal plants, which in his time constituted the main part of the arsenal of drugs, there are two "start" .One of them has on the sick body therapeutic effect, and the other - it is useless or even harmful for the body.Active principle prefers the dried plant fluid, so it is easily separated from the useless.For this plant material should be boiled or insist water, wine or other suitable oral fluid, which is then used as a medicine.

"Start" Galen has not been associated with certain components of plant substances under them he meant some special forces, prisoners in the plant, and manifest themselves in the impact on the patient.The idea of ​​Galen disparity "began" proved to be very fruitful.Extract izlekarstvennyh healing plant "start" quickly gained popularity throughout Europe, and in the XVI century, opponents of medical concepts of Galen began to call them "herbal medicines" .This name is preserved to this day, and preparations obtained by extraction from plants of medicinal substances, widely used in modern medical practice.

Against Galen exercises made by the famous medieval physician Paracelsus. Paracelsus saw life as a specific chemical process during which depends on the composition of the participating agents, and the disease is considered as the condition of the body when it lacks the necessary substances or waste products accumulate.To eliminate the cause of the disease, it is necessary to introduce into the body missing him substances or those that have a beneficial effect on the course of vital processes.Paracelsus said: "If nature somewhere produced the illness, it is there in store means healing from this disease, which it is only necessary to find."Therefore, he opposed the use of foreign herbs.

In the XVI century medicinal plants began to grow in the so-called "Apothecary Garden" .However, only in the XVIII century scientific medicine to engage seriously in the study of traditional medicine recipes.So the practice of medicinal plants thousands of years, and their scientific study - only three centuries.Not surprisingly, many of the positive effects of traditional medicine, scientists still can not explain.

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