12 August

strengthens the immune system

When outside nasty cold and aggressive viruses, protect your body from colds help elementary stuff.Here are some tips to enhance immunity.

# Wash your hands.
Do this at least 5 times a day.Viruses, bacteria and fungi live everywhere - on the handrail on the bus and on the handset.With hands, they are moving very quickly into the body.Therefore, the hands should be washed for at least 15 seconds under running water.This is washed off by 90% of germs.But with the other 10% of your immune system to cope.

# Dress like cabbage.
clear that in the cold need to dress warmly.But what if the subway, at work, in the store's hot?If the steam room in the coat, it is very easy to catch a cold.It will help the principle of cabbage - wear as many layers.For example: a blouse, her sweater, then a vest, a jacket and a scarf.The warmer the room, the more it is necessary to remove the layers themselves.But wear very warm coat directly on the turtleneck wrong!

# Drink broth.
In the cold better than at least once a week t

o drink chicken broth.US researchers have shown that it reduces inflammation and helps to strengthen the body.

# Get enough sleep.
Lack of sleep - stress to the immune system.In chronic human nevysypayuschegosya even a slight cold can develop into a serious flu.Autumn is better to go to bed an hour early.Or as possible to arrange a quiet hour in the afternoon.

# Use peppermint oil.
to the air in the room became fresh and clean, add 3-4 drops of peppermint oil in the aromatic bulb.That's just not the oil should be allowed contact with the child and particularly sensitive skin: it can leave burns on it.

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