12 August

Not so bad ... Sodium

Why so much fuss about sodium?In the body of the woman in the middle is 18 tea spoons of sodium - about 90 000 mg.What is wrong if to this number will be added to any 2000 - 3000 milligrams, obtained from food Sodium undeservedly enjoys a bad reputation, but our bodies need a certain amount of sodium - like cholesterol - for normal functioning.So talk about the extremely negative impact of sodium is not necessary.Sodium

regulates the liquid level in the body, channeling the water to the cells and other body tissues.Sodium balance other minerals (electrolytes) - for example, potassium, prevents muscle spasms.Adequate amounts of sodium provide the mobility of muscles.

Lack of sodium can cause nagging pain in the leg muscles.

daily rate receiving sodium is 2,400 mg - is the amount of sodium you can get from 0.5 teaspoon salt, or four servings of canned foods.

For a long time it was thought that sodium - the main reason high blood pressure.Such conclusions were made on the basis of numerous studi

es in which it was found out that the men and women who consumed a lot of salt, suffered from high blood pressure.Today, however, scientists have not write off all the evil in the sodium, considering that hypertension provokes a host of other factors - completeness, lack of physical activity, alcohol, lack of potassium, calcium and magnesium (minerals that help control blood pressure).

However, doctors still recommend that women sensitive to salt, to refrain from its use.(Sensitivity to salt does not suffer from it.) Sodium really raises blood pressure in these women.Reducing sodium reception gives half the pressure drop of 5 points or more.If you do not have problems with blood pressure, sodium you are not afraid.

At the same time, if you recommend to reduce the intake of this mineral, use the following guidelines.

• Before you grab for the salt shaker, try to offer you a taste of the dish.And in general, remove the salt shaker from the table.

• Try to find your favorite analogue unsalted product.

• To flavor dishes instead of salt, use herbs and fragrant spices - oregano, basil, coriander, garlic powder, dill, sage, rosemary.

• Sodium can emerge in the most unexpected product.Therefore, carefully read the labels on product packaging.For example, in a cup of corn flakes contained 298 mg of sodium - more than oz salted peanuts.

• Canned corn and green peas contain 170 mg of sodium per serving - more than prepared with salt frozen vegetables.

• Rice mix, banana cream pie, instant porridge different high sodium content.

• Sea salt is considered to be more natural, but it contains sodium as much as in ordinary table salt - 2,000 mg per teaspoon Therefore, if you want to reduce your sodium intake, sea salt you in this will not help.

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