12 August

CAUTION MOLD !(this is useful to know)

Mould - a biological contamination, in addition to her human life can poison and even a variety of bacteria, viruses.Molds suppress the immune system, cause allergies, cough, runny nose, watery eyes, a feeling of lack of air.They love moisture.Their favorite habitat - flat on the first floor, which is directly above the basement, especially if the house is old.Willingly settles mold on the upper floors, where often there are leaks.Mushrooms can be got on the cold and wet external walls of buildings, especially on the north side, if they are not heated by the warm batteries.

Mildew often forms on the filters of air conditioners if they do not clean for a long time, and sometimes grows on doors and windows.Molds, getting into the lungs, can cause serious illness.

To combat the dampness in the house as a temporary tool, you can use the powder of potassium chloride.Its banks are arranged in the corners and on the damp cellars.500 g of this chemical is quite enough for a fairly large room.Potassium chlorid

e absorbs moisture quickly.After the accumulation of powder moisture may be evaporated and re-use chemical.And if you ever poured on top of the neighbors, then this place should be treated the same hlorsoderzha-conductive or antifungal agent.The same must be done in a damp corner of the apartment.To prevent fungus infection at home, should be treated with a surface of wood, brick and concrete with special antiseptic agents.

Fungi can be got in the bathroom.Chernen'kii fungus in the bathroom for health safe, but if the fungus is green, yellow, and even hairy - term loans of its neutralization.

Do not forget about your health and in the choice of finishing materials.Trendy today, carpet, laminate and other polymeric materials are most harmful to our health.In the pile of carpet willingly settle various fungi.

the way, pay attention to his bed.The bed linen, as well as on dusty shelves, in old soft toys and among the yellowed pages of newspapers and magazines lives nasty pathogen allergies - dust flared.From it you can get rid of only by means of a regular wet cleaning.

In general, if breathing dust from day to day, it is inevitable inflammation, respiratory diseases, headache, eye irritation.

in the fight against bacteria and mold will also help us plant - lemon myrtle and lavender.

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