12 August

"Maiden's memory" and " senile sclerosis "

At a young age, we often forget something, jokingly complain about "a girl's memory fades into senile sclerosis.""Forgetfulness" Young often explained by absent-mindedness, a desire to engage in multiple affairs simultaneously with an excess of information.And as if to explain, and not so bad.But with age, memory problems do not end, but rather worse.However, the memory can store up to a ripe old age.

decreases the aging rate of metabolism in the body, and hence the speed of mental processes occurring in the body, and also deteriorates the ability to concentrate.Therefore, there are difficulties in remembering familiar names, titles, even individual words.Elderly people may forget what he did yesterday and even a few days ago, where he put one or another thing.

The sooner you start treatment, the better the chances to preserve the memory .To do this, you can use fairly simple, but very effective techniques.It is necessary to constantly give your charging cord.Forcing brain work, we simultaneously act

ivate the work of the heart, circulatory system and metabolism.

on the memory state is strongly affected by the presence creativity in human life.Even after retirement should be doing things you love, at least to maintain the vitality: to grow flowers and write poems, paint.The most important lesson was to their liking. Elderly useful to take on new things, learn new professions and activities.

There's an art to improve and strengthen the memory - mnemonic .One of the most simple but effective ways to train your memory - is memorizing verses, to start small and later and longer.It should be as often as possible to solve crossword puzzles, solving puzzles, playing bingo, chess.

Every evening try to remember how you spent the day, what they were doing to talk to anyone about anything.This should be done without straining, doing normal household chores.Gradually, you will remember more details and details.It is also useful to notice the details, just walking down the street.Try to remember the face of passers-by what they wear, remember the look of the building, passed by.After a few months you feel the positive changes.

normal functioning of the brain depends on the presence in the body adequate amounts of vitamins A, C, E, K and B complex, iron, folic acid and polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3.

Therefore, in the diet should be present vegetables, especially kale and spinach, fatty fish, apples, black raisins, lean red meat, milk, bananas, oatmeal, buckwheat, walnuts.

Thus, to improve memory, you need to eat rationally, be physically and mentally active and daily exercise in memorization.

Test your memory .

there a simple test to check the memory.Ask to read 20 words with a pause of 10 - 15 seconds.For example, gum, light aircraft, cottage, skates, cup, rain, beauty, tree, car, kitchen, steamer, hand, television, earth, computer, owl, balcony, sea outlet.Try to write down these words in the same order.If the word "dropped" - minus 1 point, it is not in place - minus 0.5.If turned less than 15 points, you should think seriously and begin to exercise your memory.

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