12 August

Indoor plants - clean air in the house !

fight for a cleaner environment is still better to start with their own apartment.And the first mate in this room are the flowers!

you imagine what we breathe at home?The air of our apartments found around one hundred highly toxic chemical compounds.Gradually we allowed the home artificial coatings, detergents, microwave ovens and other wonders of household chemistry and technology.And from them, formaldehyde and phenol, acetone, ammonia, nitrogen oxides and carbon, heavy metal aerosols.

Almost 80% of the chemicals found in the air of apartments, "responsible" building and finishing materials, and most of them are advertised as "environmentally friendly".The concentration of some volatile organic substances indoor significantly exceed their content in the ambient air.In general, the indoor air is polluted more external 1.5-4 times!

addition, modern interior bears too much of the hard right angles.It is a combination of vertical lines too aggressively.It puts pressure on the psyche, causing nervous br

eakdowns and stress.

the rescue our health come houseplants.Their soft greens, the outlines of leaves, delicate flowers and even thorns soothe us, reduce mental and physical fatigue, help to get out of the stress.

creating a virtuous mental attitude, the plant also increases the amount of oxygen, ionized air, which is very important for health.And plants are not simply ionize the air.They increase the content of negative light ions, while reducing the concentration of heavy.Negative ions light, which is so lacking in the polluted atmosphere, affect the activity of respiratory enzymes, metabolism, acid-base balance of the blood, lower blood pressure and have a calming effect, increase muscle strength and endurance to adverse factors.

Indoor plants also clean the air at a phenomenal activity.Creating favorable conditions for themselves, the flowers take care of us.Record for the air cleaning efficiency is Chlorophytum It even surpasses the specially created for this purpose technical devices.Chlorophytum well proven in many tests, as a result of which it was found that absorption of formaldehyde, emitted insulated from some synthetic materials, medium-sized apartment will require about 10 Chlorophytum.

This plant is unpretentious and looks beautiful.With proper care, it gives a lot of "whiskers with the children," and it turns out the riot of greenery.But if you want to diversify the interior, create a composition of different plants.Slightly inferior Chlorophytum air cleaning efficiency of plants such as ivy, aloe, and Spathiphyllum.

Potted flowers will not only be useful for you and your health, they perfectly fit into the interior apartments, decorate your home, make it cozy and warm.

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