12 August

Tooth gels , elixirs , rinse aid ( it is useful to know )

relatively new dosage form in dentistry are tooth gels. Gel combines the properties of solids and liquids, so it is very effective in application.Furthermore, due to the formation of water allows the internal structures comprise gel in its structure chemically incompatible substances because water jacket prevents the chemical reaction between them.Gels are rarely used for cleaning the teeth because they have no abrasive, cleaning properties they are less pronounced than in pastes.Gels are used not for cleansing the teeth, and for applications.

remineralizing action is based on the diffusion of substances from the gel into the saliva, and the saliva of the enamel and to a lesser extent from the gel directly into the dental tissue.The most famous gels - "Flyuodent", "Flyuookal», «Elmex», «Blend-a-med».

Gel toothpaste highly foaming, have a pleasant taste and beautiful appearance.They contain 0.1 to 1.5% active fluorine, which makes them effective for the prevention and treatment of caries a white spot

in the stage.Daily, once daily, in the evening, oral hygiene rational ends fluoride gel by rubbing into solid teeth tissues for 2-3 minutes toothbrush.The gels do not contain abrasive substances, which makes them effective for oral hygiene is one I once a day to persons with a tendency to flammability pathological hard tissue of teeth and increased their sensitivity.

Babies can be applied gels are not more than two times in not divide.

mouthwash - these accessories hygiene means for deodorizing and freshening the mouth during morning and evening cleaning the teeth, as well as after a meal.By elixir with treatment - preventive additives include:

«Special» with sodium fluoride (can be recommended as a caries-preventive agent)

«Health» with the infusion of St. John's wort (antiseptic, astringent and anti-inflammatory effect)

«Forest»with coniferous chlorophyll mass and vitamin complex (provides anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and deodorizing action can be recommended in periodontal diseases and oral mucosa)

«Eucalyptus» chlorophyll, infusions of herbs and tannins (taste, the active antimicrobial andanti-inflammatory effect)

«Oral-B» with active fluorine (protivokariesnyi elixir designed to remineraliziruyuschei caries therapy in the stage of white spots

has good deodorant, refreshing, cleansing properties).

All therapeutic and prophylactic elixirs are used for rinsing the mouth 1-2 times a day, morning and evening, after brushing your teeth.On the glass of water is added to a 15-20 drops of the elixir.Rinse your mouth with this solution is necessary during tooth brushing and after oral hygiene.The solution was filtered rapidly (skipped) between the teeth for maximum therapeutic effect.

Rinsers designed primarily to eliminate bad breath.They vozdeistvuyut to hard to reach areas of the mouth where no toothpaste falls, and that is not washed by sprays.Another advantage of the rinse aid is that it is easy to use (rinsed his mouth - and you're done), and it can be done quite often.In addition, many rinses are multifunctional and still - they have also an antibacterial action or a bleach.

Rinsing is carried out very rapidly, once a day, for 30-60 seconds.It is necessary to pass a solution between the teeth, as if straining it.Should apply rinse after brushing, rinsing uses 10-15 ml.For maximum effect should not take food 30-60 minutes after rinsing.

Do not use conditioners constantly, it can lead to dysbacteriosis mouth.

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