28 August

Therapeutic vegetable oils : olive oil, sesame oil, corn oil, linseed oil, calendula and St. John's wort

laurel oil .
30-50 g of dry powdered leaves are not damaged or yellowed, infuse for 3-10 days in 200 g of vegetable (sunflower, cotton or other) oil, then strain.Received laurel oil is rubbed into the sore spots in paralysis, arthritis, neuralgia, myositis.Used to soften skin. Oil from calendula .
1 g of dried flower baskets to insist on 100 ml of olive oil 20-25 days.Apply for wounds and injuries to prevent scarring.The oil is applied tincture of calendula and peptic ulcer disease.
You can cook it in another way: 4 tablespoons of marigold petals pour 250 g of sunflower oil, infuse 4 weeks in a dark place, drain in a dark container.Use to soften the skin.

sesame oil .
Oil is recommended to take in diseases of the heart, liver, pancreas (eg, diabetes), in the gastro-intestinal colic, pyelonephritis.It is also used in anemia, internal bleeding.It neutralizes the acidity of gastric juice, compensates total exhaustion.Sesame oil is very effective for various pulmonary diseases, dyspnea, dry cough.Use at

least 1 tablespoon of sesame oil per day facilitates breathing in asthma.Sesame oil in which the decoction of myrtle, preserves and strengthens the hair.In conjunction with a small amount of rose oil it helps with headaches.A mixture of sesame oil with linseed oil used in skin itching and burns.

Corn oil .The corn oil
lot of useful biologically active substances that reduce cholesterol in the blood, as well as vitamin E, which controls the work of our body cells and prevents aging.Vitamin E in corn oil at 10 times greater than in olive oil.It is used mainly inside at health food 2 times a day - breakfast and dinner - 1 tablespoon for a month in liver disease, biliary tract, kidney stones, heart swelling, internal bleeding, hypertension and atherosclerosis.

Oil is also very effective in the treatment of a variety of peeling and other hair and scalp lesions.When administered during the month this tool allows you to get rid of peeling edges of the eyelids, dry patches of eczema on the body.

mammal oil .
It can be obtained if the grind 0.5 kg of Hypericum flowers and leaves, pour 1 liter of fresh sunflower oil, to insist in a dark place for 3 weeks at room temperature, shaking occasionally.After 3 weeks, the mixture strain through cheesecloth.Store in a dark container.Trapping oil is used to treat burns, prolonged healing wounds, acne, abscesses, boils, inflammations, loosening mucous membranes of the mouth and bedsores.In dentistry on the sealing oil is used for the treatment of periodontal disease, gingivitis and stomatitis.When poorly healing ulcers, wounds, cracked nipples, burns are applied to the sore spot cloth soaked in oil mammal.The same oil lubricates the wound from a dog bite.

Medicinal oil: walnut oil, almond.sea ​​buckthorn oil and burdock (it is useful to know)

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