12 August

Rapid analysis of urine at home ( medical encyclopedia )

Already in the Middle Ages, doctors without special instruments, recognize disease symptoms on the patient's urine.For example, if a doctor suspected that his ward diabetes, then spent the following sample: he poured a little patient urine to the plate and put it in a place where there were a lot of flies.If the flies swarmed around the plate, then the diagnosis of diabetes is not caused by somneniya.A possible to conduct rapid analysis of their own urine?

To conduct urine studies in the home, some conditions must be met.

First , after 17 hours should be discarded from eating those foods that affect urine color (asparagus, beets, tea, coffee, vodka, carrots), as well as drugs and vitamins which have the same effect.For example, a diuretic - triamterene in the elderly (because of the peculiarities of metabolism) can change the color of urine to blue and green.

Second , it is important to collect the urine, which is formed after midnight.Therefore, in the period from the ground up in the morning shou

ld be to help, and to take the morning portion of urine for analysis.It is better to collect it in a glass dish.Then you can begin to study.Note the color, smell, presence of impurities in urine.

a healthy person, urine is not sharp odor, foam covers the entire surface of the liquid.The precipitate is available in small quantities and falls to the bottom of dishes uniformly.In addition, the steam disappears from the edges of dishes, and after the disappearance of the urine becomes pale yellow and transparent.

available on changes in the liver and gall bladder shows deep yellow color of urine.On this also shows the presence of small, yellow, rapidly disappearing foam.

If the foam is similar to saliva, it speaks about the adverse changes of the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract.

Red color of urine indicates a blood disorder.

unpleasant smell of urine due to the presence of a strong inflammatory process in the body.

As for sludge, if it is similar to sand, it shows the present state of human kidney disease.

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