28 August

Sun and thyroid problems

simple thyroid enlargement - this is not a disease.Often such people to no restrictions are required.But when the signs of thyroid disease - weight loss, palpitations, poor exercise tolerance, a sense of inner trembling, etc.- It is necessary to consult a doctor.This condition requires treatment and lifestyle changes.

Most people with impaired thyroid function much sunbathing in the sun is not recommended: in the skin there is a large number of immune cells that support normal immune system, which can greatly damaged during intensive sunbathing.This leads to the appearance of any disease due to reduced immunity, and even cancer.Including can manifest and latent thyroid disease.

ride south to people with bad shchitovidkoj with great care, and only after consultation with your doctor.The fact that a stronger solar radiation in the southern regions than ours.Therefore, if we really want to swim in the sea, it is better to go to the end of the season, in September, when the sun is not so active.And is loc

ated on the beach in the morning, from eight to eleven hours, and in the evening - after four hours.In the afternoon you can go on excursions, walks and rest in shady locations.

There is a common myth: many people believe that to protect themselves from the disease can be closed by the neck with a handkerchief sun.It is absolutely pointless!For the development of the disease acts as receiving solar radiation on the whole skin.And receiving iodized food will not help you.By the way, about the benefits of iodized food.Iodine is a common thyroid problems has indirect value.

First, iodine is needed to teenagers, children, women planning pregnancy, pregnant women and lactating mothers.

In all other age groups the need for iodine is not so great, and receive it from nothing does not protect!This is not a prophylactic against diseases of the thyroid gland!Yoda, which the body gets from conventional products (seaweed, fish, beans, beef, soybeans, beets, grapes, etc.), it is quite enough.Drink just as widely advertised jodomarin can not, he does not need to all and always.

Moreover, iodized food contraindicated in people with malignant thyroid tumor, benign nodes, autoimmune lesions, increased sensitivity to iodine.Also iodine intake should be limited for kidney disease, hypertension, violation of water-salt metabolism.

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