12 August

Phytotherapy.Medicinal fees ( this is useful to know)

A variety of medicinal plants on the content of the active substances by experience "prompted" the legitimacy of traditional medicine treatment charges of medicinal plants, not just their individual vidami.Po popular belief, each of "77nedugov" that a person could undergo, there was one singleplant, which could lead to a cure.Diseases there were many, and, therefore, required to treat them not one, but a few plants, and in unique combinations for each person.Therefore, in the treatment of any disease dubious healers tried to connect as many as possible of grass, hoping that any of them would be necessary.

So there were drugs charges, the principle of acquisition which was reduced to "a grass putting more and some less."For example, receiving slightly active herbs increased to such doses until the patient did not start to feel sick.This meant that "the soul has known measure and more, she needs not to take ...ยป

Medicinal fees allowed to use up to 10 or more medical components, and in some cases, dozen

s of plants.

In drawing up any gathering into account the individual characteristics of the patient and the presence of his co-morbidities.They boil down to three basic conditions.

First , blood pressure is necessary to know the patient and the prevailing tendency to change them.If the patient suffers from chronic cholecystitis and also has hypertension, in drug charges in its treatment should be included not only cholagogue grass and plants with hypotensive properties.

Second , must take into account the state of the intestinal motility, tendency to constipation or diarrhea.If there is a danger that the main collection components may contribute to constipation, the charge added plants having purgative properties.

Third , it should be remembered that some of the plants and tone the muscles of the uterus can cause abortion in the treatment of young women.Therefore pregnancy is a relative contraindication for herbal medicine.

should also take into account other individual characteristics of the human body and its response to the drug.

sometimes (very rarely) or that the plant can cause allergic reactions.In this case, start with mikrosbora (components 2-3), followed by 5-7 days add to the collection of one component of the vegetable.

If necessary, if the patient's prothrombin index increased in dues include herbs that slow blood clotting.

patients with overweight charges in addition include herbs, anorexics, and daily dose increased from 2 to 3-4 tablespoons of dried herb.

When heartburn, nausea, feeling of heaviness in the epigastric region, which patients may experience during the first 2 weeks of herbal medicine, in infusions add honey, jelly and apply them not to eat, and after 30-40 minutes.

Many medicinal infusions and decoctions have a varied and often bitter taste.If patients refuse to drink the bitter liquid is removed from the collection of plants containing bitter (willow, dandelion, wormwood, motherwort, yarrow, thyme, series, everlasting, hops, etc.).Taste infusions improves mint, so it is added to almost all infusions.

In determining the dose medication fees dry believe that 1 tablespoon roughly chopped herbs, leaves and flowers is an average of 3-5 g

roots and bark - about 10 g

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