12 August

Do all useful tan ?Sunbathe sensibly

summer sun, we always look forward to, and it is impossible to imagine life without his warm rays.And with the arrival of summer, many of us have a few hours a day spend on the beach, trying to get a nice tan!But whether all useful sun?

First, let's understand what and why tan after exposure to the sun changes color.

tanning - is the natural protection of the skin from exposure to sunlight.The extent and speed of tanning are not indicators of health and are associated with the genetic characteristics of a person.Roughly speaking, it all depends on melanin - a special skin pigment.In humans, melanin is produced in special cells - melanocytes located in the upper layer of the epidermis.Activity increased its allocation in contact with the sun.The main function of melanin - the absorption of ultraviolet radiation.Effect of sunlight on the body is composed of three major radiations: visible, ultraviolet and infrared.

Ultraviolet sunlight among the components has the most powerful effect on the body - bot

h the superficial layers of the skin and internal organs.This produces serotonin, histamine and other biologically active substances that are delivered to all the blood cells in the body, providing a strong effect on life-support system.That's why spending time in the sun, you should always remember about its compatibility with the disease.

Sun helpful :

• for acne, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, neurodermatitis

• varicose veins, not yet brought to chronic phase, when viewed relief mantle of the capillaries in the hands and feet

• patients with rickets,with weak bone and muscle tissue

• for colds, as, strengthening the immune system, reduces sunburn frequency of their occurrence.

Sunbathing contraindicated :

• high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, patients with diabetes, breast

• skin diseases in the acute stage, having a common character and a tendency to generalization of the process (lupus, pellagra, and others.)

• case of tumors, blood diseases and bleeding (after operations, during menstruation)

• if there are irregularities in the thyroid

• during the acute stages of various inflammatory processes, tuberculosis, atherosclerosis

• children under the age of 2years, 3 years after - with caution.

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