29 August

Show your tongue!Diagnostic language ( it is useful to know )

have just heard from the doctor to whom you have come to accept: "Show your tongue!" The request was not accidental.Language always bears the imprint of the disease or that the internal organa.Opytny specialist, making out the language with great precision can diagnose and figure out how to feel the liver, lungs, kidneys, spleen, and even in what you psychophysiological state currently are.

thin coating on the tongue will tell about the beginning of the disease, more pronounced - a sign of chronic disease.It is smooth and not velvety, as it should be the patient's tongue will bring the doctor to think about anemia, and cyanosis - a heart failure.You can find out for yourself what is missing your language.

If it is purple-red, dry, and rough - it lacks vitamin B2.If it is a blood-cyanotic, edematous - needs vitamin B3.Language often bleeds - he urgently needed vitamin C.

Today on TV the new type toothbrush, which cleans not only the teeth but also language.By the way, in many civilized countries deci

ded in the morning to clean the common language or a silver spoon.Language of this procedure loves.He also loves soft toothbrushes that do not leave damaging traces.

The language is absolutely necessary that at least half of the food was solid.It helps to wash, exfoliate old, dead skin cells, which is updated in the language at a fantastic rate, faster than all the other organs and body parts.

Language like being in your diet rich in vitamin C: it is in the cabbage, citrus fruits, rose hips, fennel, parsley - and also likes the B vitamins contained in buckwheat, oats, millet porridge, legumes, liver, leanpork and seafood.

Oriental philosopher and physician Avicenna medical treatises insisted that the language for the maintenance of tone moistened with honey and melon juice.And on clay tablets pharaonic Egypt (4000 BC) preserved recipes for herbal elixirs language.They mentioned a decoction of chamomile and plantain juice.

Modern herbalists recommend calendula, St. John's wort, eucalyptus and sage.Mix these herbs and a tablespoon of the mixture pour a glass of boiling water.Let cool, strain and this miracle elixir rinse your mouth after eating.He cleans the tongue, normalize microflora of the oral cavity.

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