12 August

How to recognize a counterfeit medicine

no secret that today the Russian market a lot of fake drugs.But in the best case, such forgery will be useless, and at worst can be fatal poison.How to distinguish counterfeit medicines from this?

1. The most reliable place to buy drugs - large pharmacy chains municipal or private ownership.The mobile pharmacy stalls and kiosks chance to run into counterfeiting increases.Be careful with online shopping and various offices such as "drug - mail."In the case of deception even complain to no one.

2. The price of the same drug in different pharmacies may be very different, but there is a limit.The manufacturer can hardly afford to reduce the price, for example, 2 times.So if your pharmacy pills worth 300 rubles, and at the kiosk at the bus stop for the same package are asked to 160, there is reason to think.

3. Pay attention to the appearance of the packaging.You should alert grungy cardboard box carelessly glued, fuzzy label, no producer, corrected serial number or expiration date.If the tablets are pack

aged in blister-plate, the production date, lot number and the drug should be clearly stamped and readable with the convex side.

4. All brand drugs necessarily provided with a summary in Russian, or on the manufacturer's language, but always with a Russian translation.Normally abstract is enclosed so that the plate is divided in half with a drug.The forging of the liner often embedded in one half of the box.

5. Be sure to note how closely on the packaging and in the summary reproduced name drugs: sometimes scammers, replacing or adding just one letter, give your fakes for the popular drug.

6. If you doubt the authenticity of the drug, you can ask the pharmacist to show you the certificate of conformity.It is a kind of passport of any medicine.Required document details: name of the country, the supplier company, the form of preparation (ampoules, tablets, capsules, etc.), batch number (must match the number on the packaging).The certificate must be stamped by the issuing organization.

7. All drugs sold in pharmacies, are registered in the Register of Medicines (RLS).If you need to buy a drug that you are appointed, not take the trouble to see information about it in the formulary: These guides are available.

8. As a rule, all drugs are bar codes, which are furnished with high quality and can not be erased slightly wetted finger.If they are lubricated, one can wonder whether all here legally

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