12 August

Lithotherapy : healing properties of sapphire ( non-traditional methods of treatment)

deep blue Sapphires have long been considered "royal stone", a symbol of wisdom, power, victory and justice.Name sapphire comes from the Greek sappheiros - "blue stone" .With its marvelous heavenly sapphire color already in ancient Greece and ancient Rome was considered sacred.Wear it on the index finger could only priests - Stone helped them to hear and understand the oracle said.

Sapphire is a stone of philosophical contemplation, serenity and composure attracts mercy of the gods, and the sympathy of others.Indian priests wore sapphires on the chest, and an ornament called the Truth.

The Hebrew understanding of justice symbolized sapphire - this stone was made Seal of Solomon.

According to Buddhist cosmogony, on the pole of the world under the Pole Star rises a steep mountain, and four of its sides folded rubies of different colors.To our world is facing side, consisting of a blue sapphire.Hence - the blue sky overhead.

same version and Muslims adhere to the medieval East, who believed that the

inhabited world is surrounded by a chain of mountains, composed of blue Yakhont, and therefore give a strong reflection of the sky.Perhaps this is why blue sapphires are considered "splash the sky."

In the Middle Ages, thanks to its blue color, sapphire becomes a symbol of the light-carrying power of the divine order and cleanliness.At the same time it is a symbol of holiness, infallibility and inviolability of secular power on the ground, began to richly decorate the crown and other royal regalia of his person.

Sapphire is able to give its owner a secret power over other people, but it helps only strong people.Irresponsible and lazy, it is contraindicated, since it can deprive them of all.

Sapphire ring helps to feel the lie.He can also help a person to find a purpose in life, to overcome fear, laziness and inactivity, awaken the thirst of knowledge.It is believed that sapphire makes a person calm, tame passion and able to influence the course of time.The coldness color sapphire gave occasion to attribute to it the properties of cooling excessive impulses.Therefore it is also called "stone nuns" - the mascot of chastity and faith.

However, sapphire is very dangerous if it has cracks, stains, clouds, etc.- If he is able to bring a very great misfortune.

healing properties of sapphire.

In Central Asia, Avicenna recommended for cleaning the sapphire eyes of the hemorrhage.And in Europe was thought to be calming internal heat, they were treated plague sores, ulcers.In addition, sapphire attributed properties to reduce pain, prevent disputes, and give eternal life to the owner of the stone.

In the XVII century believed that sapphire strengthens the heart, vision, heals wounds, fever and useful in melancholia.It was also said that if someone will sharpen it on the whetstone and then drink the water, then his soul, vospryanuv receive the pursuit of truth, and if someone put it in your mouth, it will create an impartial court and right.If giving birth to sapphire, it patiently endure pain, give birth easily and quickly recover.

Today lithotherapy experts believe that Sapphire activates the activity of the endocrine glands, it helps to acquire a clear understanding of the outside world, causes creative inspiration, spirituality elevates, strengthens the will and strengthens the spiritual contact with the cosmos.

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