29 August

Physiotherapy - as a way to effectively get rid of the common cold

disease, which suffers almost one hundred percent of the population of our planet, is well known to all, as the common cold.Whatever season it is accompanied by the people, not yielding to colds.If the common cold can be overcome in a few days, the treatment of rhinitis takes at least one to two weeks.

And this is not surprising, as it, along with a runny nose in a person's life come problems such as stuffy nose, inflamed mucous, headaches.In addition, in the case of inadequate treatment of rhinitis possible complications, including sinusitis, sinusitis, and other various displays such diseases, which could provoke a distribution of upper respiratory tract infections.

method of treating the common cold a lot.It does not always have to run to the pharmacy for medical help.In addition, there are many effective drugs, the so-called folk remedies.For example, at an early stage of the disease it is very good fresh juice widespread domestic plants - Kalanchoe pinnate.Heat treatments are also exert their ben

eficial effects.Among the methods used by our grandmothers - warming sinus hot salt or only hard boiled eggs.

This knowledge benefits of dry heating became the foundation of development and creation used today in the official medicine as well as in the home of special equipment, as an example of which can be called a device for the treatment of rhinitis Fairy UTL-01.

This device, the only one among the medical equipment, constructed in recent years, it is designed to warm the maxillary sinuses and larynx by metered heat input.At the same time there is an active destruction of viruses and pathogens, which prevents the development of the disease.

effect of this invention is achieved, thanks to the increased blood flow in areas that are exposed to heat local exposure apparatus.Reflex vessels begin to expand, reduced swelling, and more rapid healing of the mucosa.To be able to carry out these procedures in the comfort of your home makes sense to buy a device FAIRY, it should be done only on the basis of the recommendation of the attending physician.

highest efficiency of the machine is achieved by a complex it is used together with other therapeutic measures prescribed by your doctor.At the same time there is a real opportunity to significantly reduce the number of drugs used.A FAIRY using apparatus in the initial stages of the disease, really achieve a stable result only in this physiotherapy method.

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