12 August

Speleotherapy (it is useful to know )

Speleotherapy - Regenerative medicine is based on a comprehensive human exposure.Designed to speleotherapy, above all, to strengthen the internal human reserves and neutralize the adverse effects of environmental sredy.Uchenye long noticed that some of the cave microclimate favorably with familiar terrestrial atmosphere.The constancy of temperature and humidity, the air is saturated with salt vapors, - all this has on the human body the beneficial effects.This discovery formed the basis of speleotherapy.

When speleotherapy on the body affect both physical environmental factors and psychological (feeling of temporary isolation from aggressive foreign environment).Thus, in soft, natural level of exposure to vapors of mineral salt strengthens the immune system of the body.

Speleotherapy recommended for all who suffer from bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, allergic rhinitis.Speleotherapy also shows people with skin diseases: neurodermatitis, eczema and psoriasis.Effective method in the treatment of di

seases of the XXI century - obesity.

But relatively healthy person speleotherapy benefit: it helps to improve sleep, relieve irritability and fatigue, strengthen the overall body tone.

Experts say that a series of 10-15 sessions can be equated to a holiday spent at the sea or mountain resort.

in the world are used for speleotherapy caves in the Czech Republic and Slovakia - for example, in a cave speleological clinics Bystriansk√° near Banska Bystrica.

suitable for this method, and man-made gallery with high temperatures, high humidity, pressure slightly above normal, and high alpha-emitting radiation - such as radon galleries Bad Gastein in Austria.

also good for speleotherapy salt mines - such as speleostatsionary Solotvino in Ukrainian Transcarpathia, Polish Wieliczka salt mines, mountain speleostatsionar in the Kyrgyz village of Chon-Tuz and potash-salt mines as speleohospital in the Russian city of Berezniki.Speleotherapy actively used in spas Sverdlovsk region - the "cave" Territory of Russia, in the Krasnodar region and the suburbs.

However, modern speleotherapy - it is not only the use of caves and salt deposits.Several years ago, scientists have invented a synthetic analogue of the salt mines.And now sieleokabinety - not a rarity in the world, including in Russia.They are in many nursing homes, hospitals, large fitness centers, offices and even in kindergartens.

Now speleotherapy method of treatment is actively used in many sanatoriums in the world where you can relax and good, but at the same time and try to imagine the impact of recreation "cave" of treatment.

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