30 August

Why thirsty

Our body is designed so cleverly and wisely, that the slightest malfunction of some organ systems immediately sent SOS signals.For example, that can mean a constant craving, overcome man?

simple feature of an organism or a harbinger of some disease?There are several reasons, let's try to understand.

1. Lack of fluid.

This often happens in the hot season.If a person drinks a little, the body "includes" a kind of defense mechanism, saving it from dehydration.This dries the mucous membrane of the mouth, facial features sharpened, sink the eyes, the skin becomes dry and loose.Kidneys "cherish" precious moisture, so people rarely visits the toilet.

What to do: in the heat, with enhanced physical activity, heavy sweating, bleeding, vomiting and diarrhea should drink much more.Once the water balance in the body is restored, craving will pass.

2. diabetes.

constant thirst and frequent urination - the first symptoms of the insidious and terrible disease.This is due to an imbalance of hormones that regu

late water-salt metabolism.

What to do: get tested to find out the level of sugar in the blood, and if it is upgraded - consult a doctor immediately, endocrinologist, who will prescribe the appropriate treatment, in particular - drugs that reduce glucose levels.

3. Many hormones.

Thirst is often elevated parathyroid function (they are located in the neck near the thyroid gland).The disease causes other changes: felt bone pain, fatigue, muscle weakness, sudden weight loss, teeth can fall out.Eluted from the bones of calcium urine stains in white.

What to do: to see a doctor, endocrinologist, who will prescribe the appropriate treatment.

4. Problem kidneys.

thirst is almost always seen with pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis, hydronephrosis, polycystic kidney disease, renal failure and other diseases.This is because the affected kidneys are not able to retain water, whereby there is an increased demand for fluid.And thirst is retained even when the amount of urine decreases and swelling appear.

What to do: be sure to consult a doctor, a nephrologist.Not paying attention to the disease, you can wait until serious complications that can help a person only dialysis or a kidney transplant.

5. Neurological problems.

Sometimes thirst occurs after brain trauma or neurosurgical operations.The disease usually occurs abruptly, the patient may even specify the day and hour when it happened.Develops diabetes insipidus.At the same time, patients can drink ten to twenty liters of water a day, and still craving passes.The thing is in short supply of hormones that restrict urination.

What to do: seek immediate medical care, it is better to a neurologist.

6. Blame drugs.

Taking certain medications cause dry mouth, so a person drinks a lot.In particular, there are some drugs to reduce blood pressure, antihistamines, medicines for asthma and other

What to do:. To consult with your doctor whether you can replace these drugs.

7. thirst to "nerves."

This "psychological" craving occurs more often in women.In addition, it added moods, irritability, crying, depressed mood.

What to do: try to "trick" your body, moisten the lips, leaned toward the water and do some swallowing movements, rinse your mouth.Sometimes this is enough to like psevdozhazhda disappeared.

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