12 August

What tells the blood test : blood test transcript

Cheer or we go through medical check-up, we are going to go to the pool or the fitness or go to a sanatorium - we have to take the general or blood chemistry.Get your hands on a leaflet with obscure figures and notes, we helplessly stared at him, trying to understand whether all contact in order, and in a hurry to see a doctor for an explanation.

good doctor is required to explain the obtained results of the analysis, but you can try yourself and understand what is at stake.Explanation of the blood test is not as complicated enough to know rules of analysis and compare with what happened with you.First you should know that you need to follow some rules before blood test commissioning:

1. The analysis is performed on an empty stomach, between the last meal and blood sampling must be at least 8 hours.

2. A few days before the procedure to exclude alcohol, fatty and fried foods.

3. It is advisable to refrain from smoking at least one hour before analysis.

4. Blood surrender before the beginning of

treatment or after 10-14 days after discontinuation of medication.

What do the blood tests:

- Blood glucose should be from 3.3 to 5.5 mmol / L.Elevated levels of signals diabetes.Lowering blood glucose indicative of endocrine disorders, liver problems.

- total protein norm - 65-85 g / l.In diseases of the blood levels will be higher or lower - in disorders of the liver or kidneys, malnutrition, inflammatory diseases.More precisely diagnose the disease allows the determination of protein fractions, these include albumin and globulins.The mean albumin - 54%.If they are less - liver or kidney in need of treatment.

- Gamma globulin in the blood - from 12 to 22% of their high level says that there is an infection in the body

alpha-globulins - from 2 to 5%, their level increases during acute inflammation.

- alpha-2-globulin in blood has from 7 to 13%.Most of inflammations, kidney disease and tumors, lower - with pancreatitis and diabetes.

- Number of beta-globulin - from 8 to 15%.Changing the indicators occurs in disorders of fat metabolism.If a person is healthy, - C-reactive protein is not detected.There he was in inflammation, infection, tumors, rheumatism and arthritis.

- The presence of such protein as alpha-fetoprotein suggests liver diseases and tumors.

- Normal bilirubin index, which reflects liver function, - no more than 20.5 mmol / L, a high level is a symptom of hepatitis, complications of gallstones.

- Number of amylase slightly - from 0.8 to 3.2 M U / L.The growth of its level indicates that there are problems with the pancreas, and a drop shows hepatitis or thyroid disorders work.

- cholesterol norm - 3,6-6,7 mmol / l.If it grows, there is a risk of atherosclerosis (which leads to heart attack or stroke), diabetes, kidney disease, may decrease thyroid function.Lowering its level is at exhaustion, heart failure, infectious diseases, tuberculosis, anemia, pancreatitis, liver disease, increasing thyroid function.

- Good performance of uric acid - 0,15-0,45 mmol / l.The numbers are growing at a gout, leukemia, diabetes, eczema, psoriasis, diseases of the kidneys and liver.

even understood a little in their analyzes, do not rush to conclusions and start treatment In accordance with them.Self-diagnosis and self-medication is not permitted!The complete transcript you can give a doctor, he is, taking into account all the other surveys and studies and will prescribe treatment, if required!

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