12 August

Malachite in folk medicine ( non-traditional methods of treatment)

name "malachite" is derived from greiskrgo "malakos" - soft.According to another version, his name got from malachite gregeskrgo word "Malchus", which means "grass".The thick tone of this mineral in a diverse combination with pale green, turquoise and finest threads almost black make up the ineffable beauty products from malahita.Malahitovye mines were developed in Egypt 4000 years BC.e.It was used for the preparation of cosmetic and eye ointments.In the eighteenth century Russia malachite was considered a jewel of it made small decorative objects and jewelry, including buttons.After the 30-ies of the XIX century, found large chunks of malachite, it was used for the finishing of large workpieces - so in St. Isaac's Cathedral them lined columns of the altar, and the Winter Palace are decorated with malachite Malachite fireplaces and walls and halls of St. George.Malachite is also widely used in the interiors of the Catherine and Pavlovsk palaces of St. Petersburg.

Malachite is considered the "Russian ro

ck".His fame comes from 1635, when the Ural malachite mines were opened.Today malachite deposits of the Urals, unfortunately, almost completely exhausted.

Malachite - magic stone with a very strong energy, it promotes emotional excitability, establishes harmony and love, can bring to its owner's curiosity and interest.Rejuvenates, heals melancholy.

Malachite is considered an amulet of wise men - it enhances the intelligence of its owner, helping to work with the information, so many sources recommend it to writers, artists, journalists and travelers.It is associated with harmony and indispensable for the artists.Malachite can help when a person has a lot of energy, but lacks determination.

Due to the properties to attract friends, success, attention, malachite is considered a good patron of single people and those who do not have enough good luck and fortune.In the Urals, there is a popular belief, like malachite stones bring the owner good luck in love and financial affairs.Medallion of malachite in copper-rimmed allegedly treated rheumatism and rings with this unusually beautiful stone guard against dangerous infectious diseases.

Kids amulet malachite gives complaisance, develops in them the curiosity and helps to manifest talents.

It can be used as an assistant at the child-bearing, to promote prosperous leave.Malachite helps with nervous exhaustion, dental pain, tics, cramps and convulsive states.It is useful in the propensity to allergic reactions and poisoning.It helps with cardiovascular diseases, asthma, rheumatism, fever, infections, sepsis, liver and biliary tract.It prevents cramps and toothache.Juicy green malachite is associated with good health.He was appointed to strengthen the musculoskeletal system, kidney, spleen and pancreas.Malachite is recommended to wear to activate the body's regeneration, rejuvenation, restoration of sight.

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