30 August

Keep shchitovidku

Did you know that the thyroid gland is useful massage?But do not try to massage the thyroid itself!Kneads her skin covering and the front surface of the neck can not in any case!Another thing - massage the neck muscles from the back.You relax, and the thyroid gland from this procedure invaluable.

There is one correct area - soles of the feet.Thyroid got pride of place at the base of the thumb.Sit on the sofa with a half-bent at the knees, feet, lubricate cream (better to hand gliding), relax and thoroughly mash the zone first right, then left.Start with a light rubbing movement, gradually increase the pressure.Spend 5 minutes massage every day - and you will feel the improvement by the end of the second week.

blacklist products with thyroid disease.
effort to lose weight, many sit on the cabbage and soy foods - calories in them enough to swear.But the weight is still growing, because the thyroid gland soy and cruciferous vegetables (radishes, cabbage, turnips, radish) is absolutely contraindicated.I

t does not have them in the winter more than twice a week.These products contribute to the formation of goiter.In a lot of cabbage and radishes disrupt the synthesis of thyroid hormones, and if the body is not enough, it is impossible to lose weight.

not buy imported meat and sausage.When fattening cattle western farmers use drugs that suppress the intake of iodine in the thyroid gland.As a result of weight gain are doubled, but the cows instead of meat "building up" the water - they do not grow and swell.At these steaks can easily amass goiter.

Recipes of traditional medicine .

# iodine daily dose - 100-200 micrograms, or thyroid ill.

# When thyroid disease II-III degree (nodular goiter) 1 tablespoon dry chopped herbs Potentilla silver pour a glass of vodka, insist in a dark place 2 weeks, occasionally shaking the content filter.Drink 1 teaspoon of water 3-4 times a day for 30 minutes before eating.

# When hypothyroidism 1 tablespoon of seaweed dry powder pour a glass of boiled water, until complete swelling, strain.By the seaweed, add 2-3 volume of freshly prepared cheese, 10 crushed walnut kernels, 1 table spoon of garlic, all season with vegetable oil.Add food 1-2 times a week.

# When starting goiter make neck compresses 2 tablespoons of oak bark brew 1 cup of boiling water, leave for 1 hour.Infusion for compress should be warm but not hot

# The remedy the lack of iodine?Mix the pulp 3-4 walnuts with 1 tablespoon of honey.Take in the morning on an empty stomach for six months.

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