12 August

Lapis lazuli.Medicinal properties of lapis lazuli ( non-traditional methods of treatment)

Lapis - mineral is dark blue with splashes of gold pyrite, creating the impression of bright stars against a blue sky.The name given to this gem on the right - it comes from the Persian "Azul", which means "sky".Lapis are only very high in the mountains.Lapis lazuli mines in Badakhshan - near the border with Turkmenistan, Afghanistan region - more than 7000 years BCIt was the only supplier in the world of this mineral.Approximation to the Azure kopyam in the past century was punishable by death, and the miners themselves, gem miners were chained to the walls of mines chains.Lapis was considered a sacred stone, and they had the right to own only the emir.

time immemorial lapis lazuli valued more than gold and was considered the stone of sincerity.This mascot diplomats and all people who have to be large companies or often meet strangers.Astrologers advised to wear jewelry made of lapis lazuli people born under the sign of Libra, that is, to the impact of the stone had to mitigate the weakness often inhe

rent born under this sign -.. Lack of consistency, variability in friendship and love.

Lapis - a symbol of justice.According to the legend, on the boards because of this stone the laws of Moses have been cut.From it was made a figure of the goddess Maat truth, worn on the chest Chief Justice of Egypt.

in China were made of lapis lazuli beads for mandarins hats as a symbol of their power.Lapis lazuli is good for those who want to open themselves constantly, to expand personal capabilities, to bring something new into your life.It helps to reorganize the financial affairs.

Lapis is also wonderful talisman of love: protects human relations from the invasion of "outsiders", strengthens the faith in each other, appeasing conflicts and promote mutual understanding with others.

healing properties of lapis lazuli .

As a doctor lapis pacifies violent manifestations of the psyche, relieves depression, insomnia drives, helps pregnant women to bear a child.

He destroys warts, reduces stains from the skin, it helps with leprosy, relieves itching, heals the brain, lymphatic system, eliminates edema.

East Ancient physicians believed that lapis lazuli preserves and sharpens vision, facilitates breathing, beneficial effect on the thyroid and endocrine glands, cures rheumatism, dermatitis, allergies, hair loss, cleanses the blood and body fluids.It prevents attacks of sciatica and asthma, is useful in the propensity to allergic reactions.

stone with gold dots heals from internal ulcers, helps with nervous exhaustion, diseases of the spine, loss of hair.Lapis has a strong anti-inflammatory, Burns effect, analgesic property at bruises.It works just fine for a point or general massage.

Medieval doctors recommended to wear a necklace with lapis lazuli anemic people.Lapis is able to remove the pain, relieves insomnia and has strong cleansing properties.And this stone cleans not only the body but also the owner of the environment - protects against insults and undeserved attacks, defamation, slander, and evil makes people repent and confess.

Sky star gem brings a knowledge of the truth, reveals the secrets, gives good luck and prosperity.It invigorates the body, mind and consciousness and makes its wearer susceptible to higher powers.

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