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What kind of water we drink ?Methods for purification of drinking water

known fact: the Scythians, and then South Slavs purified water from the river as it was done in ancient Egypt, with special sand dams, poured in places vodozabora.Minovali century, but now the quality of tap water, unfortunatelyIt leaves much to be desired, so it has to be specially cleaned.

uphold and merge .

tap or well water, if it is not filtered, almost always in need of defending, especially if it is disinfected with chlorine.Even two to three hours is sufficient to remove many of the volatile components.But it is more convenient yet once more to fill cans and all day use is more or less with purified water.This simple trick by itself gives a good effect, but it is better to defend the water subjected to one more procedure - draining.

method is based on the separation of water are well defended: settle to the bottom of the harmful compound with high specific gravity (calcium carbonate, and some other heavy metals.) And pops up the oil film, and which are removed.

Thus, three-liter jar fill wi

th cold water and leave it alone for at least 6 hours is best reserved water overnight.All this time, avoid to move and shake the jar.

Then gently, being careful not to shake, move the bank closer to the sink.Take a flexible rubber tube (hose) with an inner diameter of 5 to 10 mm.Carefully lower the one end of the tube into the jar with water to the bottom of the touch.At the same time, avoid awkward movements, so as not to stir the water.

holding the tube on the neck of banks to the lowered part is not moving, take the other end of the lips and sucks in the air (for example, motoring, poured gasoline).When the water comes, quickly lower the tube into another container.

remains to wait until the bank is emptied about a third (two-thirds of the water will remain), and pull out the tube.I must say that the water from the tap and purified in a similar way - they are two different things.It's amazing how the taste changes.

Settling or filtration on silicon.

Reinforce the benefits of fractionation and sedimentation can be with just a few pieces of Shungite, lying on the bottom of the jar.

Schungite - mineral containing silicon.Silicon - a small but vital part of all connective tissues, bones, blood vessels and cartilage.Deficiency of silicon, often manifested with age in humans, causes decrease in elasticity of blood vessels, especially the arteries of large and medium diameter.Against this background, it increases the tendency to the formation of atherosclerotic plaques in them.With its deficit nails and hair become brittle and dry, and the skin - sagging.Our ancestors used herbs, rich in silicon, as a cure for many diseases.A good source of silicon - mother-and-stepmother.And vegetables are rich in this element asparagus, cucumber, radish.

activated schungite water is bactericidal and kills the flu virus, soothes toothache, treats sore throat, runny nose, helps with indigestion, reduces the amount of sugar in the blood, improves the functioning of the kidneys, liver, normalizes metabolism in the body.Water does not spoil, long maintained, cleaned.All is good, but before you use stone found on their own or purchased on the market, you need to check it out for radioactivity.The rocks, which is extracted from the dark shungit may contain a large enough concentration of uranium salts.It is desirable to use bright pieces of Shungite.

filters on minerals such as shungite, may change the structure of water, but do not release it from dissolved salts, although the water saturation of silicon compounds can be attributed to the benefits of shungite.

choosing filters containing shungite and other siliceous minerals, be very careful.For example, a mineral zeolite as a , which is composed of an aluminum compound, and lead is dangerous.It sets the likelihood of Alzheimer's disease due to postponement of aluminum in the cerebral cortex supplied from the aluminosilicate framework of the zeolites.

Boiling .

Unfortunately, water - even chlorinated - may contain pathogens dangerous diseases (gastrointestinal, hepatitis, etc.).With regard to the conditions of the apartment the most reliable method of disinfection is boiling.However, this method is effective in terms of decontamination is not very good at water purification from heavy metal salts.Of course, the calcium and magnesium salts remain in the form of scale on the walls and rigid kettle after boiling water becomes potable.Not surprisingly, in areas with a water boil it specially for a long time (about 30 minutes), defend, and then used for cereals, soups and other needs.

water temperature Selecting .

Temperature consumed for drinking water is, of course, very important.The introduction of cold water always lowers body temperature.If the drink 0.3 liters of water temperature of 10 ° C rapidly, then it lowers the temperature after 6 minutes with 37.05 36,95'S ° C and, kept at this level for 10 minutes and then comes back to normal.The pulse rate by drinking cold water temperature drops, the blood pressure rises.

Drinking warm water is, of course, a very different meaning for the physiological functions of the body.The drop in body temperature can occur

diuretic and diaphoretic action increases

metabolism also increased significantly.By drinking warm water (32,5'S) reduced blood pressure in the blood vessels, which is very important for people suffering from hypertension, but if the water temperature is high, then the blood pressure is amplified even more than with the use of low temperature water.Cold water activates the production of gastric juice, warm - it slows down and has both analgesic and antispasmodic effect.Therefore, patients taking the heated mineral water in ulcer disease.

Chlorination of water .

Tap water as well as mineral and contains calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium.It was they just are not harmful, but more than that, and are necessary to the human body (of course, smaller than in the mineral, quantities).One of the most common methods for water disinfection is chlorination, currently applied to tap water.However, chlorine is not only kills harmful microbes, but also reacts to form harmful compounds.For example, if the tap water contains phenol, upon reaction with the formed chlorine compound is very toxic chlorophenol.And, of course, is present in the water dissolved free chlorine remaining after chlorination, it is easily determined by a sharp odor.Drinking such water is also not particularly conducive to health and longevity.

So if you really want to drink clean water, you can not do without the installation of water purification.

Good luck!

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