12 August

How to sit in a chair ?

in our progressive age, in the age of computer technology and automation, many of us have a sedentary job, and every day we spend hours just sitting at a desk or in front of a computer.And in the evening we feel physical fatigue, and all because we sit, we are wrong.And hardly ever wondered how to sit properly.After all, at work and without much to do and no time to think about it, but at home, sitting in an easy chair would like to relax after a hard day.However, pay attention to how we need to sit, the more that sit correctly is not so difficult.Try at least to recall the recommendations of the school.

What are the main errors in the seat?

This and the lack of support for the feet, and harmful to humans pose "foot to foot", and tilting back in his chair.Specialists-doctors claim that long sitting on a chair, especially in a wrong posture, leads to violations of the feet blood circulation, the appearance of stagnation in the veins of the legs and pelvis, and the weakening of the muscles of the back a

nd waist, which is also the result of a long sitting, leads tosciatica and osteoarthritis.

The problem is not only and not so much in the chair, but in how to sit on it.

How to sit in the chair?

First of all, it is necessary to correctly choose the height of the chair.chair height should match the growth.While sitting legs should be firmly placed across your feet on the floor (the heel is also on the floor).This is possible if the height of the chair is approximately equal to the length of the leg.If you got a low chair, you can put on it a little thick pillow (or a pair of thick unnecessary books or magazines stack tied), if high - can be put under the feet of a special bench.It is best if the chair's seat is height adjustable.

paramount importance to the stability of the pelvic region.seat depth should be 1/3 to2 / 3 the length of the thigh.If you are sitting correctly, then there is no need to lean back in his chair and while maintaining lumbar lordosis - the natural bending the spine forward at the waist.If the lower back to arch, all the equilibrium is disturbed, the stability is lost and starts to pull you back in his chair.

is also worth noting that it is more convenient to sit on the chair is not too soft.

Especially because according to doctors back of the chair does not help us to relax, but only creates additional health problems.The fact is that the habit is constantly recline maldistribution leads to a power load along the spinal column.As a result, we have back pain, over-voltage, fast fatigue, nervousness, stiffness and even incorrect placement of internal organs.To avoid this, it is better to sit without leaning back in his chair.And if you are in the car, other vehicle, or, for example, if you are very tired, it is wise to sit on a chair with a low back, and rely only on the bottom of the spine to the lower back in the lumbar lordosis was preserved.If you can not adjust the chair back, try to put behind a thin cushion or small pillow.So lean back in my chair only when you really feel tired.Better yet, relax lying, though, if you have the opportunity.

As in the chair not to spoil your posture?

Sitting on a chair, the correct posture is also important, as well as when walking.When you sit down, straighten the chest, revealing shoulders and slightly tighten the tummy, because tight stomach is very good for health and figure.Imagine, if you pull up for the crown.This will help straighten the neck.And that reading does not bend his back and did not lower his head, set on a table stand for books and adjust its inclination in such a way as not to slouch.

A few words about the posture.At work or at home, we sometimes sit for a long time in the wrong position.For example, sitting at the table, shoulder presses the phone to your ear, or are turned sideways to the computer and remain in this "twisted" position for a long time.I must say that it is very harmful and can lead to various disorders of posture, such as scoliosis.If you need to stay a long time in an uncomfortable position, it is best to use a swivel chair on wheels, and if it is not, then you need to get up and my whole body turn in the right direction.

working at the computer and the keyboard, try to keep arms are completely lying on the table.Elbows slightly apart in hand, do not press them into the sides.From time to time, let your eyes rest on the monitor: dnt look away a few times first, then the object is located near.

Take care of the feet.

At long sitting swollen feet, so sitting on a chair as much as possible under my table leg position - optimally every 15-20 minutes.Bending and extending the legs, pull them move forward and to the sides.

A for approximately 1.5 hours, stand up, stretch, walk around the room, a little mash.This applies not only to work at the computer, but also for the evening watching TV: do not sit for long periods and do not lie in one position, stand up from the sofa / chair to stretch their legs.It would be good to disperse the blood, and do some simple exercise: pan, tilt, jerking his hands, sit-ups - 5 - 10 times.

So, repeat the basic provisions:

  1. chair height should be such that all the feet feet flat on the floor.Under the table should be enough space for the possibility of changing the position of the feet.
  2. Chairs should not be too soft.Sit on the chair is not deeper than 2/3 of the length of the thighs.Do not slouch at the table, sit up straight, do not tilt your head and lean back in his chair.
  3. Slightly retract the stomach, straighten your chest and shoulders and straighten your neck.
  4. Avoid prolonged awkward positions, repetitive tilt and rotate in one direction.
  5. Every half hour stand up and do a light workout.
  6. Use revolving chair on wheels, with the possibility to adjust the height of the seat and backrest.

and be healthy!

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