30 August

The value of iron for women's health .What if the iron is not enough?

daily requirement of a healthy person in the iron does not exceed 15 mg.This amount is fully covered by the food."Podzhelezivat" food, just as we add some salt, a healthy person is not required.

Despite these favorable conditions, sometimes the iron's still not enough, and develops zhelezonedostatochnoe anemia, in a scientific way - iron deficiency anemia, which accounts for 80% of all anemias.The simplest reason (but not the most important) of the disease - lack of iron in the diet.This happens, for example, a vegetarian diet (intentional or involuntary), ie, to the total amount of iron contained in meat is absorbed 20%, fish -.. 10%, and vegetable products - no more than 2-6%.Milk and curd are practically no iron.It is generally accepted in the first place on the content of iron put apples.Probably, because the flesh sliced ​​apple in the air, oxidized, browns, acquiring the color of rust.Advantages of apples should not detract from, but in the first place, they can not apply, the more that the conte

nt of iron in them depends on the variety.More significant sources of iron - beef liver and beef, beans, buckwheat, rye hleb.Dlya successful assimilation of iron requires ascorbic acid and B vitamins - B3, B6, B12, folic acid.Lack of protein in the diet, and excess fat milk and reduce the digestibility of iron.

From internal (endogenous) causes of iron deficiency anemia should be called is quite a common condition as enhanced growth.In full-term infants, it occurs at two to three months, and even earlier in preterm.Anemia Children aged four to six months is associated with the rapid growth, while the depletion of iron stores in the liver and bone marrow.The children in the first year of life, it is exacerbated by iron deficiency in the mother's milk and dairy prolonged feeding.Increased need for iron appears in young girls due to the increased growth starting physiological blood loss, the inhibitory effect of estrogen on the intake of iron, and even if they limit themselves in power to lose weight.Women mature anemia can occur during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Another common cause of iron deficiency anemia - a disease.Chronic inflammation of the intestine, especially the 12 duodenal ulcer, prevent the effective absorption of iron.It is poorly absorbed by the low gastric acidity.Slowly but surely, the iron loss caused bleeding ulcers of the stomach and intestines, as well as heavy menstruation (often associated with diseases of the uterus).

Iron deficiency leads to a decrease in the level of hemoglobin in the blood.What gives strength to the heart and muscles?What makes an effective job of thought?Scarlet arterial oxygen-rich blood.Iron-deficiency anemia - a fairly common disease.She suffered, taking into account the asymptomatic form, more than 30% of the population, mainly women of mature age.Chronic insufficient supply of internal organs with oxygen causes liver dysfunction, cardiac muscle, atrophy of the intestinal mucosa, changes in EEG.Atrophy of the lining of the esophagus can lead to a violation of swallowing, dry write.These symptoms often occur before overt symptoms of anemia, the so-called latent period.

When there is a lack of iron, a person does not feel it at first.Symptoms of the disease are not too typical.In anemia, patients are pale, sluggish, indifferent to everything.There have been a perversion of taste and smell, breach of nail growth.

You may have noticed that some people are happy to eat chalk or lime?Of course, this is not normal.But do not think that the desire for Cretaceous necessarily caused by a lack of calcium, although most is what happens.Such passion is found, and those who suffer from iron deficiency.These same people there love the smell of kerosene or automobile exhaust gases.

zhelezodefinitnoy to treat iron-deficiency anemia is used in the form of salts or complexes of iron with ascorbic acid salts, folic acid and other vitamins that are better absorbed.In recent years, there is evidence that the treatment of iron preparations should be the appointment of vitamin E to improve the effectiveness of therapy, and to reduce the pro-oxidant action, characteristic of iron ions.

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