12 August

Chronic fatigue.How to cope with fatigue

What is health?It's when you do not notice that the wind is very cold and the sun is too hot, the conversation is extremely unpleasant, and yesterday went to sleep late, eat too much at lunch, but today it is over the output and holidays brought no relief.When all these factors dictate the mood, you begin to lose the ability to fast recovery performance.fatigue accumulation says and the possible onset of the disease.This means that it is time to think about the body and what it is asking for help. body needs SUPPORT .

Here's a typical situation.Continuous operation of the computer inevitably leads to chronic fatigue and exhaustion: the falling overall productivity, watery eyes, there are headaches.Unfortunately, all is not as harmless as it may seem at first glance, and finally constant fatigue may lead to the development of diseases such as prolonged stress syndrome.As a result, a person is observed and stinging sensation of "sand" in the eyes, pain in the forehead, the redness of the eyeball.As a res

ult, visual acuity gradually falls.Those who engaged in physical labor, and whose work is connected with standing behind the counter or machine, problems with fatigue, no less.

Several possible to improve the situation by making during brief regular breaks to rest.Coffee is good tones, but abuse it is not recommended.This is not to smoke: Nicotine constricts blood vessels, and headache can only intensify.It is better to eat a mint candy.And after a meal to chew gum.

Chinese Recipe from chronic fatigue

Already in the Middle Ages, the Chinese realized that the attempt to relieve fatigue of alcohol to no good does not: the effect is too short and can lead to alcoholism.In the famous tonic Chinese tea, you can add 1-2 drops of tincture Schisandra, Eleutherococcus, Demidov and Altai elixir of herbs.But they, too, it is better not abuse it, and to leave on the critical moments.

Fruit vinegar made from citrus fruits and apples, diluted with water and sweetened with honey, not only helps a tired person to ensure the normal acidity and alkalinity of body fluids and urine, and fatigue two hours after eating.Those who wish to try this method it is necessary to know the medical conditions: apple cider vinegar is contraindicated in peptic ulcer and hyperacidity.

Finally, in the diet should be vegetables and fruits with more vitamins.From natural drugs for residents of the middle band is suitable jelly with fresh berries of a black currant and honey.Its simple and easy to cook for themselves.

simple massage .

There is a very simple exercise to relieve fatigue:

1. Vigorously shake hands, sit back and try to relax.Start the massage head.Brush both hands pat the crown, neck, shoulders, and then all those areas of the body that you can get.A very simple method that enhances the blood circulation in the organs.

2. Grasp the back of the head arms so that the ends of the fingers on the cervical vertebrae almost touching.Breathe out and tilt your head back.Make stroking movements with his hands forward towards the collarbone.Admission is good for stress relief neck and cervical osteochondrosis.

And finally, just massaged earlobes, you have a few minutes will feel refreshed.


Here's another way to the old arsenal of Chinese doctors: steaming feet of water with essential oils of lavender or eucalyptus (1 to 2 drops of oil in the basin).Daily steaming feet is not only good for strengthening the resilience of the legs outside pathogens, but also good for the heart and the brain and is able to relieve fatigue and raise a person's mood.As experts say, the most correct foot steam thoroughly for 20-30 minutes, the water temperature - 40-42 degrees.

Whirlpool: in the home is a shower alternating hot and cool water.Take the money and buy a special funnel that turns a steady stream of water pulsating.Hose better flexibility to precisely irrigate the legs and other parts of the body.

Whirlpool - more expensive, but what!In general, the choice is yours.


Acupuncture originated in the East and is actively practiced in China, Japan, India, Mongolia, Egypt.

It is based on the impact on acupuncture points - active points on the human body for a certain logic of the processes occurring in the body.For this technique, it is not necessary to go to a clinic or a professional.You will be the usual scratchy plastic mat.

meaning procedure simply stand on the carpet barefoot.The stunning effect occurs within a few minutes.The same pad can be put under the feet when you take a shower or sitting at the table.In the latter case, even socks can be worn.

Good luck!

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