Halitosis - bad breath .Causes and treatment of halitosis

With halitosis - as doctors call bad breath - sooner or later faces every second inhabitant of the planet.It occurs when the air that a person exhales, exceeded the concentration of volatile sulfur compounds, such as, for example, as hydrogen sulfide.These substances - vital product anaerobic bacteria in the oral cavity.As long as everything is in order and the number of bacteria in the normal smell almost none.But once the microorganisms begin to multiply uncontrollably in the mucosa of the mouth, pharynx, tongue, tonsils and in the interdental spaces, the smell becomes stronger and nepriyatnym.Razlichayut two kinds of causes of this scourge: local and general.Local include poor hygiene and dental disease.For example, the microbial plaque on the teeth, which is formed by irregular and poor oral hygiene.The rear third of the dorsum of the tongue - the primary source of bad breath.A lot of people are just too lazy to remove plaque from the tongue.

cause of halitosis can be launched and caries.The caviti

es accumulate a large number of anaerobic bacteria and food debris.These cavities are difficult to be cleaned by conventional hygiene, which causes a high resistance condition.The same applies to periodontitis - bacteria actively proliferate under the gum causing sulfur smell.In this case, even unpleasant smells blood and purulent inflammatory exudate, located in the gingival pockets.

It can cause halitosis and wearing dentures - firstly, the smell will be absorbed by the polymer ocnovoy prosthesis, secondly, food particles can remain in artificial limbs and decompose there, exuding "flavors".

Another cause of halitosis - reduced saliva secretion and the syndrome of "dry mouth."When saliva is released quickly enough and in small quantities, broken natural purification of the oral cavity from food residues, creating favorable conditions for the growth of microorganisms, reduced local immunity.

Common causes of halitosis are mostly chronic diseases associated with the gastrointestinal tract, upper respiratory diseases, metabolic disorders, hormonal disorders, and so on.. For example, women have bad breath may appear on the background of the beginning of the menstrual cyclethat are associated with elevated levels of estrogen.These hormones contribute to enhanced desquamation of the epithelium, including the oral mucosa, and it is a favorite breeding ground for anaerobic microorganisms.

In many cases, halitosis is to get the patient to check their health - and the smell indicates a more serious illness.So, about 8% of cases the cause of halitosis is the pathology of the upper respiratory tract.Chronic sinusitis, rhinitis, tonsillitis, nasal polyps often are felt unpleasant odor.

Many people know that a consequence of diabetes is often a smell of acetone, allocated at breath.Dysfunction of the liver and gallbladder are also accompanied by "acute" heavy odor, and kidney failure - putrid "fish."So before you run to the pharmacy for a new toothbrush and toothpaste publicized killing microbes outright, go to the doctor.

great importance and food.For example, garlic and onions contain raw materials that belong to the group of sulfur compounds.They are able to be absorbed into the blood and then excreted through the lungs during breathing.

alcohol, nicotine, coffee and some drugs (antibiotics and sulfonamides, antidepressants, antihistamines, anti-inflammatories) cause dry mouth and, therefore, lead to the appearance of unpleasant odors.

lead to the emergence of halitosis as stress, tension or overreliance diets and starvation.Fasting creates a shortage of intake of protein and fat, it starts recycling of endogenous reserves, which can also cause bad breath.It appears at the moment of transfer of a stressful situation and disappears after discontinuation of emotional stress.Among the reasons cited violation of salivation and dry mouth.

Who effective halitosis diagnostic methods used in medicine.Rate the intensity of the odor, you can use a special device - galimetra.It is not only useful for the diagnosis, but also allows you to evaluate how successfully moving treatment.

To identify bacteria that caused halitosis, some dentists use microbiological research, the for example, analyze the composition of the plaque.With the help of a mirror looks around back of the tongue - it must be the same color as the mucosa of the mouth.White, cream or brown color indicates glossitis.Evaluated and the state of the patient's teeth for hygiene quality.

also necessary consultation with ENT doctor (in the presence of sinusitis and polyps), and gastroenterologist - it should exclude systemic diseases such as diabetes, liver and kidney failure.

halitosis Treatment will depend on what caused the disease.If it is running ENT diseases that will be treated at the otolaryngologist.Other chronic diseases require consultation and treatment in the relevant specialists.

If the cause of bad breath lies in the mouth, it is necessary to eliminate pockets of infection, remove broken teeth, is not subject to restoration, to undergo professional oral hygiene with the removal of supragingival and subgingival dental plaque.

great importance is the adherence to the rules of hygiene: dental cleaning should be carried out with the help of a toothbrush and dental floss (dental floss) to remove plaque and food debris from the teeth.A tongue cleaning should be a mandatory daily procedure.This not only helps to eliminate odors, but also reduces the total number of bacteria in the mouth, which favorably affects the periodontal tissue health.If periodontal disease has been diagnosed, you should start to use special irrigators oral for more efficient removal of the infected masses and food residues from the periodontal pockets.In addition, these irrigators will help get rid of dry mouth.

Do not forget about proper nutrition: an excess of fast carbohydrates (sugar and cooking processed foods) increases the amount of plaque on the teeth, leading to tooth decay.Eat more fiber.Fresh greens, vegetables and fruits will help to normalize bowel function and reduce bad breath.

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