12 August

What do you know about the blood ?(This is useful to know)

No wonder the ancients called the life blood of juice - every drop of it is sacred, and the loss of or change in composition can have fatal consequences for the organism.Blood "knows" about you literally everything, and what do you know about it? In our vessels splashing particle of the oceans, which once life began on Earth.That is why the blood and salty!Just emerged cells received all the necessary water.Joining together in mnogoktetochny body, they have created their own inland sea, which rightfully could be called red.

Scarlet liquid running through the vessels, will give any of your secrets, no matter how deep it may be hidden - at the molecular or genetic level.What you eat, what lifestyle are driving, whether by way of metabolism, immune system and heredity, the condition of the heart, blood vessels, liver and other organs, what illnesses are already or will develop in the future - all this talk of blood drop.In addition to medical data, and it will return a passport - approximate age, gender,

and even national identity.

"each flesh is in the blood", - stated in the Bible.Red liquid feeding, water them, protects, removes biological waste, provides wireless connections between cells in the body and keeps the sacred pillars of the body - in other words, performs seven major functions that determine our state of health.Help her cope with them!

"Essence of Life" gives tissues through arteries everything necessary for their existence - oxygen, water, plastic substances, salts and vitamins.
your actions.To "delivery time" is not frustrated, move more - active lifestyle propels blood through the vessels, not allowing it to stagnate.

Blood - breadwinner body.Amino acids, carbohydrates, fats, and other necessary components enter the cells from their bloodstream.
your actions.Eat by the clock: "hungry" blood, devoid of nutrients, violates the metabolic processes in the body and contributes to chronic diseases - stomach ulcers to diabetes.

Cleaning Units
carries blood from the tissues of waste - carbon dioxide and other metabolic products (slag) that are ejected through the lungs, kidneys, intestines and skin.
your actions.For timely and quality treatment of the body daily drink 1.5-3 liters of water, and green tea is better.If you do not quench the thirst of time, the blood thickens, the concentration subject to the removal of waste and increases the body zashlakovyvaetsya.PROTECTIVE

circulating in the blood and have fallen from it in the tissue cellular elements of the immune system - leukocytes and lymphocytes and the antibodies produced by them - recognize and destroy viruses, allergens, degenerated cells and other foreign particles to the organism.
your actions.Zagrippovali?Unless absolutely necessary not to bring down the temperature - the higher it is, the more the immune system is fighting an infection.Fever acts as a catalyst that accelerates biochemical reactions, which built the fighting capacity of the immune system.

ties.Due to its mobility
blood provides constant interaction between all bodies and body parts.It also regulates their livelihoods, delivering to the tissue hormones, enzymes, and other biologically active substances.
your actions.Headache?Aching joints and lower back?Humming feet?The body has developed analgesic and anti-inflammatory agents (endorphins and enkephalins), but deliver them to your destination prevents congestion caused by vascular spasm.Use simple techniques anger management, increase blood flow to the problem area.Close your eyes, imagine that this place was hot - and the pain subsides.

Blood - superkonditsioner with a lifetime warranty.Heated in an actively working organs (muscles, liver, intestine), it at the same time it cools them and gives heat where the energy is consumed (the brain, lungs, kidneys, skin).
your actions.To improve the efficiency of domestic air-conditioner, tempers and get rid of stress.It causes reflex muscle spasm vessels, skin, brain and other organs, blood circulation and makes it difficult to maintain the desired temperature in the body tissues.

Holy storing biological foundations, traces of blood to all the present in the right amount for the life of the elements and compounds, ie it supports the constancy of the internal environment (homeostasis) - optimal conditions for the organism.Infections, internal diseases, excess meat, sour fruits and berries in the diet, too much use of alkaline mineral water and soda heartburn violate the acid-alkaline balance between positively charged hydrogen ions (H +) and negative hydroxyl ions (OH-) - the so-called pHblood reaction (its normal value - 7.4 in the arteries, 7.35 - in the veins).The extremity of the pH - 7.0-7.8.Outside metabolism is impossible!

For maintaining the delicate balance responsible buffer system of blood - hemoglobin, carbonate, phosphate and protein.Their work is similar to the behavior of a chameleon.If too much blood flows acid buffer systems neutralize them, that is, behave as alkali.But as soon as the plasma appear alkali, the same system of biochemical change "color" - behave as acids, restoring the lost balance.
your actions.Backup possible buffer systems are not unlimited - do not test their strength!Keep track of what you eat and drink.You need mineral water, green and herbal tea with mint leaves currant, lime color, and infusions of wormwood, yarrow, motherwort, centaury, pine and birch kidneys, the root of sweet flag (a glass 40 minutes before meals 2-3 times a day).

What are the elements of the blood?

A man about 5.2 liters of blood, a woman - 3.9 liters.Of these, 0.5 L falls on the plasma, and the rest - by forming elements, proteins and other compounds.Due to their blood 5 times thicker than water.It contains trillions of red blood cells, white blood cells of the body and all lined up in one line, it would stretch for 525 km, covering the distance from Moscow to Kursk.

first researchers took blood cells for sentient beings - "apimalikul", endowed with its own will.Forming elements actually behave differently depending on the type to which they belong.

erythrocytes used to be called red blood cells or balls, although they do not have anything to do with the sphere.Due to lack of core, they are more like biconcave discs.This structure allows them to penetrate into the capillaries, whose clearance is 2-3 times of the erythrocyte already - it is very flexible and easy to fold in half.

Red cells resemble the finest sponge with pores filled with blood pigment - hemoglobin.It consists of a protein (globin) and colorant - ferroprotoporphyrin (heme).Haemoglobin grasps oxygen in the lungs and sends it to the tissues, and in return receives cells and worked out the carbon dioxide discharged to the respiratory system.During this process, hemoglobin changes color: arterial blood gives bright red hue and dark cherry - venous.

thrombocytes (platelets) also belong to razryadu- red blood cells.Enucleated, a notomy flat, they carry everything needed for the formation of a blood clot (a process called coagulation krovi.Trombotsity like diligent scavengers collect on the membrane remains of inflammatory Wars - circulating immune complexes

leukocytes, they are the same white blood cells.different from the red color, rounded shape, the presence of the nucleus and the membership of the body's immune system. All types of white blood cells (lymphocytes, monocytes, basophils, eosinophils and neutrophils) are capable of active movement. Their relationship is called leukocyte formula. As it changes, you can determine the cause of the infection (. viruses or bacteria) and its remoteness, detect allergies and many other diseases of leukocytes name depends on the reaction to the laboratory dyes - neutrophils with special treatment remain neutral color, basophils become blue, eosinophils turn pink

Usually in 1 ml of blood contains.from 180 000 to 320 000 platelet.If there are less than 50,000, there are spontaneous hemorrhages under the skin and in internal organs and bleeding - nasal, uterine, from the gums.
you know why healers began to speak blood?The rate of thrombus formation, sealing the damaged vessel, depends on the psychological state: it is an irrefutable scientific fact.When you worry, the blood coagulates slowly.Particularly sensitive nature respond to strong emotions nasal bleeding and subcutaneous bleeding - bruising.It is necessary to calm down a little - and the coagulation system comes back to normal.Spend
test capillary fragility: pinch yourself for the inner surface of the forearm or hand firmly pull the rubber band.If the place of influence came bruise, hand over the clinical analysis of platelet levels and the rate of blood clotting and sign up for a consultation with a hematologist.

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