12 August

Carrot juice

Of all the vegetable juice by the breadth and versatility of its effects on the body, on the content of active and useful substances in their ability to be combined with other juices carrot juice - the absolute leader.Nourishing and healing its effect is noticed by people for a long time and used since ancient times.But it is not always an orange-red carrots was such as we used to see her native land of this plant - south of Europe, the Mediterranean, where carrots grows wild.The ancient Greeks she was known for 2000 years BC.h.In our country, carrots were grown, too, from time immemorial.

have Krivichy - Slavic tribe, who inhabited the territory of Belarus - at the burial of the dead man was the custom to lay next to him carrots (for sustenance in the afterlife).In Moscow for the XVI century carrot juice was considered a miraculous cure.

Carrots are extremely valuable for its nutritional, dietary, taste.The juice of its root crop contains digestible minerals, vitamins, and many useful organic sub

stances.Carrots - a source of carbohydrates.Its sugar content depends on the variety.Carbohydrates are represented mainly glucose and fructose.Among the nitrogen compounds is dominated by proteins that are readily soluble and well assimilated.

Carrot juice - polivitamineny, it is especially a lot of carotene, which the human body converts into vitamin A. Carrot juice improves the immune system, improves vision, a beneficial effect in diseases of the thyroid gland, with stones in the liver and kidneys, skin diseases.

carrot juice has long been used in the treatment of frostbite, burns, wounds festering.Many in carrot juice vitamin E - 4 times larger than in beet, and 10 times higher than in cucumber.High content and nicotinic acid.

Raw carrot juice can dissolve ulcers and cancers, there are expert opinion that prolonged excitement of the nervous system, especially in childhood and later became responsible for the formation of ulcers and cancers.Contribute to these diseases, such negative feelings like fear, anger, envy, and others. Carrot juice is considered a miracle in the fight against cancer.

However, we must remember that the juice must prepare carefully (do not contain fiber).When treatment of carrot juice any concentrated food and animal products excluded from power, are excluded, of course, and any negative emotion.By eliminating the causes that caused the disease, you can start baking.

rich in carotene, carrot juice is useful in the treatment of myocardial infarction.The high content of iodine contributes to the fact that carrot juice is consumed in low thyroid function.

systematic eating carrot juice you need people skills requires constant load on the eye: carrot juice feeds the optical fully human system, it contains substances improves blood formation and oxygen supply.Carrot juice is recommended for diseases of the cardiovascular system, liver, kidney, myocardial infarction.It dissolves materials that clog passages in the liver.It happens that after clearing the stands are so many Shpak, excretory organs that can not cope with them, in these cases, the dissolved toxins are carried lymph through the skin pores.Since they have a yellow-orange pigment, can alter the skin color.This should not be afraid, do not be worried about the blanching of the skin - it means that the body is an active cathartic process.

reliable and at the same time gentle laxative effect has carrot juice with hemorrhoids, chronic constipation.Always the people drank carrot juice for anemia and exhaustion, gave him in diseases stomatitis, when coughing.It is noticed that the juice has a positive effect with urolithiasis.

Carrot juice contains an abundance of various trace elements:. Aluminum, iron, copper, zinc, boron, manganese, cobalt, iodine, etc. Found in carrot juice compounds that are effective against the microbes, have healing and anti-inflammatory effect.

So, healers washed with fresh carrot juice does not heal wounds, or applied to the sore spot lotions of juice.At the wound-healing effect of carrot juice should be noted and a painkiller.Carrot juice improves appetite, improves digestion, strengthens the teeth.Requires carrot juice and pregnant women, and nursing mothers.Daily consumption of 0.5 liters of juice for more effective body than 12 tablets of calcium.Carrot juice increases body resistance to colds, actively promotes the growth and development of children.

Naturopathy has facts which indicate that in some cases the use of carrot juice was enough to cure infertility.

Carrot juice contains a compound of elements that is optimal for the power of the whole body, so be sure to include carrot juice in your diet!

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