12 August

Jewellery and women's health ( it is useful to know )

On ear located projection of almost all organs and systems of our body.It is particularly well known to physicians who deal with acupuncture and acupressure.head area is suffering, if, for example, we carry much squeezing clips.If you stop using them, it could be the most inveterate boli.Aktivnoe impact on certain areas begins with piercing ears.To pierce the need to choose the right time and the right place puncture.Pierce ears should be on waning moon, but not in the last three days before the New Moon, which are very heavy.Center earlobe is a projection of the metabolic processes in our body.Location close to the earlobe stones will necessarily affect our health, as well as metals that are shvemzami (temples earrings), extending through the ear.

In ancient times, it was well aware that not every stone, every metal can be worn as earrings, and even more so, not every day of the week.Now many scientists in various fields of knowledge support a variety of ancient approval, including an ear, and preci

ous stones, and of the influence of the planets at any given day of the week.

If health is not a serious problem, it is possible not to pay attention to these subtle interactions, but chronic diseases require a cautious approach and for precious stones, and metals, and puncture of the ear.This also applies to the time after piercing when many need to insert an earring of a noble metal.If a health problem, you should follow these recommendations.

Problems with health due to the exhaustion of the gold demand earrings with clear stones, and silver - with opaque, such as hematite, jasper, agate, jade and many other stones.

When violations of the liver constantly can wear earrings with malachite and better if it is framed in copper.

When kidney malfunctions and with urogenital problems can recommend jade in silver.His well-worn constantly, not only as earrings, but also as a ring on the index or ring finger.

Sexual problems require red stone, especially good affects red jasper (try to have other inclusions were as little as possible in the stone), of course, ruby, tourmaline and red carnelian.

Form jewelry, if it is possible to order them, should not be so much to think through how to choose one that would really liked.Most of all, it concerns the stones - in metal inserts.The favorite form brings the greatest effect in the treatment.

However, there are some common rules.Elongated, teardrop, oval stones suit its owner as if the energy shower and round - helping to save energy.The angular design lines of action.If the angle is, for example, the ring is directed to the owner, then the energy of this property will flow, and if the owner, then, respectively, expire on the stone to others.On this property based many magic items.

If, for example, carnelian ring has a triangular shape, its soft power can be used specifically: an angle to yourself - for yourself (for example, warming up) or angle away from you - to another person (as attracted to the owner, curing, calmingetc.).

Ellipses help more subtly observe diplomatic relations and avoid acute situations

round stones contribute to the attainment of harmony in itself

square stones - promote the adoption of more fundamental solutions, but does not predispose to a revolutionary, innovative.Products depicting flowers, figures, strange shapes, have a lot of fans, but they should be approached with caution.No image is not a "simple".

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