12 August

Why do not you sleep?Causes of situational insomnia

Experts estimate that nearly half of people (43%) are not satisfied with the quantity and quality of sleep.Insomnia is not always a sign of serious diseases.Much more often it occurs because of certain unusual situations that violate the nervous system and internal organs.In this case, it can be called situational insomnia.When it occurs?

First , due to external factors, overexcited cortex.This variety of nervous stress at home and at work, as well as light, sound and temperature stimuli.

Second , certain important circulatory disorders of the brain.For example, a long stay in an uncomfortable position in the evenings due to the printing on the typewriter or writing an article, report, report.Dream - an active process.In certain phases of it activates the brain activity that requires a good blood supply.

third reason situational insomnia are overly strong impulses from the internal organs.Typically, the pulses of the bodies are not strong enough to drive the bark.Another thing, if before going to

bed had a long conversation, for example, on topics of concern to you.Interference can also serve as a dense foods, the latest and excessive consumption of fruits and vegetables that have action diuretic (melons, watermelons, cucumbers, grapes, pears, figs, parsley, radishes, turnips, beets, currants, asparagus, thistle, pumpkin, fennel, horseradish) and laxatives (watermelon, grapes, cherries, melons, blackberries, strawberries, figs, cranberry, cabbage, gooseberries, onions, seaweed, rhubarb, mountain ash, plum, cumin, pumpkin, fennel, garlic).

With regard to the qualitative composition of the evening meal opinions of scholars are divided.Some believe that the protein products (meat, fish) promote sleep, because of the proteins in the intestine are formed morphine substances promoting sleep.Others, on the contrary, it is recommended for dinner easy food carbohydrate that is rapidly digested and does not cause severe intestinal motility and excitation of the nervous system.In fact, it can be considered a right and those and others.Some people easily fall asleep after drinking at bedtime cup of yogurt."More after the buttermilk long toss and turn in bed - their sleep accelerates the loud rumbling in the stomach is important to comply with the diet to which you are accustomed to avoiding evening dietary experiments and stresses especially prevents sleep alcohol

fourth reason this...kind of insomnia - the wrong choice bed is generally accepted that in the feather bed sleeping sweetly it is not always age, when there are pains in the spine, low back pain, sciatica, and the so-called salt deposits, more restful sleep gives a hard bed

no less....value is the width of a berth, especially if the couple sleep together. In this case, the bed should be double. Even better, when the two beds placed side by side. Too close proximity of the spouses is not recommended due to the influence of secretions from the skin and awakens moments (snoring, turning, etc.... n)

how refuge during sleep - a light sheet or quilt?It is better to hide as easily as possible - this contributes to hardening, but it is clear that if a person is cold, sleep may not be complete.It is important that the room was aired - sleep in a stuffy, smoky room leads to early wrinkles and neurosis.

There are cases when the dream was disintegrating after moving to a new apartment.Some experts believe that the reason may lie in the bed the wrong orientation perpendicular to the magnetic field lines of the Earth.A more rational for individual magneto position during sleep along the magnetic field vector, head north.

plays a role and the material on which we sleep.Best of all wooden bed and linens made of natural fabrics, not electrified during sleep.Returning to the legendary Russian hero, remember: they slept on the damp ground.Maybe this is what contributed to the fact that their dream was surprisingly strong?

fifth cause of insomnia - ignoring wake rhythm - sleep.This is all familiar zasizhivaniya late watching TV or at a party, work at night, evening swim in the river or in the sea, after a visit to the steam room, hops on a plane in three-four time zones.This includes hypokinesia - a sluggish lifestyle, not allowing to raise the amplitude of the waking rhythm, and therefore respectively leading to a decrease in the depth of sleep.

accepted that situational insomnia disappear with the removal of its cause situations.This is not quite true.If the unfavorable situation persists, it becomes habitual, may vicious circle corticosubcortical reentry from which is not so easy to get out.There is a persistent insomnia.

functional sleep disorders can be divided into three main groups: disorders of sleep, shallow sleep with frequent awakenings, shortened sleep over early awakening.

Most often people complain about the violation of falling asleep and frequent awakening.Why not just try to do in these cases!However, attempts to fall asleep often, on the contrary, overexcited person.

It seems that the most effective must be a comprehensive approach to solving this problem.This means that you need to consider all the above reasons, can also be used and known to modern science measures.

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