12 August

Cleansing the body .General recommendations for the purification of the body

If a person eats organic food and a lot of moves, the body is cleaned of poisons, toxins and so on. E. Independently.But this is not always the case, because we and require special cleaning.After all, from the contaminated body, especially from the blockage of the gastrointestinal tract, from bad digestion depends on our appearance, skin, complexion, and so on. D. In case of no mask and cosmetics do not help severe slagging of the body.Fasting, exhausting the body, apply only under the supervision of specialists, hospitals, and they can not conduct themselves.

If you want to spend cleansing, you first need to figure out what should be cleaned: the gastrointestinal tract, liver, kidneys?This will help you identify the doctor.Dining with any form of purification must be complete, the body does not impoverish.You can spend only one-day self-starvation, but it is necessary to take much more water than normal days.After all, only the water promotes the excretion of toxins.Without a large amount of water i

s added self-poisoning organism, and instead use so harmed.

enema can do no more than once a week, or from the intestine is washed useful microflora and its function is significantly weakened.

Any procedures that require a person giving up their traditional way of life is stress, and it is important to remember not to get "out of the frying pan into the fire," that is not to amass a depressive state.If the method of purification does not suit you, but you apply it, you can cause harm not only their physical body, but also his state of mind, as well as greatly disrupt the nervous system.If you intend to cleansing the body, take note of the following recommendations.

Recommendations for cleansing the body:

- Garlic is contraindicated in pregnant women and epileptics, and people suffering from severe disorders of the nervous system.

- Sorrel can not be used for those who suffer violation of salt metabolism and has diseases such as gout, low back pain, inflammatory bowel disease, rheumatism, ulcer with high acidity, as well as diseases of the pancreas.

- Radish can not be taken orally those who suffer from heart failure, kidney disease and pancreatitis.

- Before taking the raw beet juice, it needs 2-3 hours to stand up to all the compounds that cause vasospasm, had decomposed.

-.. Natural stimulants such as ginseng, lemongrass, etc., with the use of debt cause insomnia, palpitations, weakness, headache and decreased potency.

- In hypertensive disease should be treated particularly seriously and carefully, especially if there are marked changes in the blood vessels, bleeding.

- Pomegranate juice is always concentrated.Its definitely need to be thinned, if you accept fresh.Pomegranate juice in bottles - as well.This particularly applies to the pomegranate sauce, which is heavily concentrated pomegranate juice, containing a large number of different acids.They are highly concentrated blood, strongly irritate the stomach and actively spoil the tooth enamel.

Any cleansing more than twice a year should be made.If carried out more frequently, can greatly harm the body.Perhaps, among the methods of purification should be made a one-day hunger on a large amount of water, as well as one-day fasting days only on fruits and vegetables, preferably not undergone heat treatment.

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