12 August

Unwanted excess hair growth .Treatment

use of chemical depilatories gives a temporary effect, because with their help destroyed only the outer, visible part of the hair and it breaks off.Usually, two or three, at most four weeks treated with depilatory hair grows snova.Izlishnie hair is recommended to remove the wax.Wax is heated to 37-38 ° C and applied in the form of heat to the skin layer in a two or three millimeters thick.After solidification of the wax

abruptly removed from the skin along with the hair.The effect, however, too short-lived, and possibly irritation to sensitive skin.

more lasting effect gives the electrolysis - the destruction of hair follicles using diathermy and galvanic currents.The procedure is performed repeatedly for a long time (at strong hypertrichosis treatment is possible up to one and a half years).The duration of treatment depends on the rate of growth of new hair on the same areas of the skin.Duration of treatment - from 5 to 30 minutes.After epilation skin is processed alcohol tincture of calendula.After

each subsequent electrolysis procedures due to scar atrophy destroyed hair follicles hair growth gradually decreases, practically without leaving visible traces on the skin.

some success in the treatment of hypertrichosis can be achieved with the help of modern laser hair removal.But if hair is growing out of moles, especially dark-colored, pull them with tweezers or epilate absolutely contraindicated.Electrolysis in this case is only possible after the complete removal of birthmarks.It is necessary to consult a doctor-cosmetologist about the possible tactics of treatment.

Home cosmetician

At home, you can cut the akkkuratno noticeable darker hairs growing from moles, nail scissors, but, unfortunately, the effect is short-lived and the hair grows back quickly.

women with heavy growth of dark coarse hair, you can advise them to discolor.For the preparation of the bleach solution take one tablespoon of five percent hydrogen peroxide, half a teaspoon of ammonia and mixed everything with soap shaving cream - for better fixation on the skin.The resulting foamy mass with a brush is applied to the problem area and leave to dry completely, then wash off with warm water.

regularly conducting such procedures, it is possible to achieve a gradual thinning and lightening hair.With low enough to wet hair pilosis 10-15 percent solution perhydrol to get a good cosmetic effect.

can try and traditional medicine: take 150 grams of dope ordinary grass (with roots) per 1 liter of water, boil for 20-30 minutes under the lid for cooking broth, which can be stored for a long time in a cool dark place.With gauze compresses do three or four times daily to those places where you want to remove hair.

Traditional medicine also advises to mix 100 grams of juice of green walnut and 10-15 g tar, infuse the mixture for three weeks in a dark place in a sealed container.Apply to areas of increased body hair two or three times a day.This will interrupt the unwanted hair growth.

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