12 August

Heart arythmy.Do not self-medicate !

heart arrhythmias are one of the most frequent manifestations of coronary heart disease.Treatment of arrhythmia - a difficult problem that requires great caution on the part of the physician and to the patient.

Patients with arrhythmias for the first time there was an attack, as a rule, admitted to a specialized hospital, where they spend the necessary examination.Second, the most difficult step is the selection of medicines for the treatment of arrhythmia.Each type of arrhythmias requires a certain set of remedial measures.It so happens that patients with the same kind of arrhythmia is assigned a different drug, taking into account individual tolerance, age, comorbidities.But even with the successful selection of medicines no guarantee that the attacks of arrhythmia no longer arise.

goal of treatment - just reduce the number of such attacks.

Getting treatment with antiarrhythmic drugs, patients must strictly adhere to the dosing regimen and frequency of taking the drugs.We must remember that the

se drugs have a wide range of side effects and in some cases can themselves trigger rhythm disturbance.Especially need to be careful in the appointment of two or more anti-arrhythmic drugs.

One of the common types of cardiac arrhythmias is atrial tachyarrhythmia .According to statistics, it is about the disease often seek treatment.Moreover, atrial fibrillation can be of two types: paroxysmal or permanent.And when permanent form of atrial fibrillation patients so adapting to it, they do not notice and do not feel the disruption of the heart.

When same paroxysmal atrial fibrillation disease manifests itself attacks.

The attack lasts from several minutes to several days.It can start at any time in the background, seemingly full of well-being.

In some patients, the attack causes panic, people become restless, can not find a place, and to facilitate the state swallows handfuls of pills, seeking momentary relief state.Stay!

It is in these patients there are all sorts of complications, including very heavy.A typical case.In the evening, the patient began an attack of atrial fibrillation.It is, as always in such cases, took the pill anti-arrhythmic drug.Do not feel better ... After 10 minutes, swallowed another pill ... After 15 minutes - more ... And so within 30-40 minutes drink 4 tablets.the patient's condition improved slightly, but the attack is not fully featured.For the "reliability" of the patient takes another drug with antiarrhythmic action ... Early morning wake-from palpitations, takes another antiarrhythmics.Condition does not improve.We have to call the "fast".And plus to all is so that the patient forgets to tell you what medicines and how much time it took before, or not sufficiently questioned the doctor about the patient and enters the same antiarrhythmic drug intravenously.This can result in failure.There is a critical reduction in blood pressure, a sharp slowing of heart rate of 20-30 beats per minute.Patients have to be hospitalized in the CCU and literally pull out from the world.

Therefore, write down the time and the name of the drugs you are taking before the arrival of the doctor and not self-medicate.

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