12 August

Unwanted excess hair growth .Causes

In medicine, there are two concepts that describe the excessive growth of hair - hirsutism and hypertrichosis. Hirsutism - excessive growth of terminal hair in women for male pattern. Terminal hair is dark, hard, long, in contrast to vellus, which are poorly painted, soft and short.It is only the appearance of hair on the chin, upper chest, upper back and abdomen.The appearance of terminal hair in the lower abdomen, lower back, around the nipples, the hands and feet are the norm.Status is not synonymous virilism in which women, in addition to manifestations of hirsutism, there has been the development of secondary male sexual characteristics.

Hypertrichosis Unlike hirsutism is characterized by excessive hair growth in places where they are normal, and can occur in both sexes.Men do not suffer from this, but ladies this problem brings a lot of trouble and cause psychological discomfort until the appearance of an inferiority complex.

There are congenital and acquired forms of hypertrichosis. Congenital form general hypertrichosis, in which the entire surface of the skin covered with long wavy hair - a very rare anomaly, progressing up to puberty.In congenital hypertrichosis limited form of unwanted hair grow on pigmented skin, often in the sacrum.Congenital hypertrichosis common form of treatment is not subject to.sometimes possible surgical intervention in a limited way.

Acquired forms of hypertrichosis may occur in places long skin irritation (rubbing ointments, plaster bandages), in patients with tuberculosis, osteomyelitis.Sometimes the girls in puberty or in women in menopause starts increased growth of hair on the face, above the upper lip.

Increased hair growth in areas where they are not desired - is not only a cosmetic defect.The appearance of facial hair women can be a symptom of various diseases.

most commonly observed endocrine hypertrichosis associated with ovarian diseases and disorders of hormonal function, lesion of the adrenal cortex.Less common cause of increased body hair can be a tumor of the anterior pituitary.

hypertrichosis often occurs during pregnancy as a result of increased hormonal activity of the anterior pituitary.Enhanced facial hair growth in the area of ​​the cheekbones and temples can be a manifestation of metabolic disorders.

Therefore, before you try to get rid of excess hair, you need to consult a gynecologist, endocrinologist, neurologist about the possible cause of their appearance.

The recent increase in drug hypertrichosis induced by administration of such medications as corticosteroids, anabolic steroids.Prolonged treatment of male sex hormones also leads to the growth of hard black hair on his face.

incorrectly selected creams (especially on the basis of lanolin) long-term use increase the growth of hair on the upper lip and chin.Therefore it is not recommended to apply nourishing creams, especially those containing hormonal and bio-stimulating substances, the lower third of the face, as they improve the nutrition of the skin, including - hair follicles.

Thermal beauty treatments, as well as irritating absorbable mask, enhance microcirculation, improve blood supply of hair follicles and thus contribute to the growth of unwanted hair.Therefore, the presence of hypertrichosis on the face is a contraindication for the use of infrared thermal radiation, quartz, sunbathing, wax masks, masks of concoctions and the like.

creams containing collagen, elastin and other biocream, it is recommended to apply only after 35 years, or you can enhance the growth of unwanted hair on the face.

Sometimes women are unknowingly contribute to the fact that colorless vellus hair becomes stiff and dark.This usually occurs as a result of shaving or plucking tweezers.

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