12 August

Do you know how to take the pills ?(this is useful to know)

At first glance, this question seems silly.But it turns out, the recommendations of doctors carry out only 20% of patients.60% came out of the cabinet, completely forget when and how to take the tablets.A further 20% believe such subtleties unprincipled.The result is predictable: drugs are not as expected.In fact, people taking pills, you have to learn some wisdom.Only then did he take away from drugs maksimum.Vo First, you can avoid pronounced side effects if taken different pills individually rather than all at once at a time.
Secondly, it is extremely dangerous to use the medicine after the expiry date, as the chemical composition of the drug could change.
Third, never think of the appointments mindlessly doctor.If you wrote a therapist one drug, ophthalmologist - another dentist - the third, and a cardiologist - Fourth, be sure to return again to the therapist, or consult a pharmacist.Let them analyze the preparations for compatibility, to prevent contradictory interaction, and replace some medicine

safe analogue.There are other very important rules.

What drink?

One example: recent studies have shown that oral contraceptives not be mixed with caffeinated drinks.With this combination contraceptives, reduce the body's ability to splitting of caffeine, there is hyperactivity, and insomnia.Therefore, in most cases, it is important to wash down than the tablet.

Aspirin irritates the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract.Therefore, take this medicine should only be after a meal.Soluble tablets should be omitted precisely the amount of water, which is listed in the folder, and ordinary tablet better crush or chew and drink milk or mineral water, then it quickly gets into the blood.

If prescribed etazol, norsulfazol, sulgin, sulfadimetoksin need a glass of mineral water.The fact that sulfonamides often cause disorders of the kidney, and the rich alkaline water will help get rid of unnecessary problems.

Antibiotics .After the calcium contained in milk is reacted with antibiotics (especially tetracycline) and forms a sparingly soluble compound.Incidentally, boiled water at room temperature - the best "zapivochka" for most tablets.

Special conversation - grapefruit juice .It can not be combined with agents that lower blood cholesterol, immunosuppressants, erythromycin, oral contraceptives, tamoxifen, "anticancer drugs, Viagra and its analogs.Grapefruit juice does not take the drug from the body.The result - an overdose.

But with cranberry juice are not compatible anticoagulants - drugs that reduce blood clotting.If this rule is not followed, may open bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract.

Do not drink alcohol while taking medicines .The combination of alcohol with antihistamines drugs, insulin, pills and tranquilizers, lowering blood pressure, can lead to increased drowsiness, which is particularly fraught, if you drive a car.
Antibiotics also should not mix with alcohol, otherwise you will suffer from hot flushes to the head, from dizziness and nausea.
In old age, when the alcohol is retained in the blood for longer, the effects of such a combination may be even more unpleasant.For example, nitroglycerin under the influence of alcohol changes the action and does not bring much-needed relief heart.

Antipyretic tablets together with a glass or two of alcohol will cause a massive blow to the gastric mucosa.Alcohol is especially dangerous for diabetics, because under its influence the blood sugar level rises first and then falls.

When taking pills?

means emergency, of course, take out depending on time of day - if fever or colic began, not to schedules.But the effectiveness of drugs, how long have noticed the doctors, depends on the time of receipt.Heart and drugs for asthma take closer to midnight, and the pestilence - early in the morning and late at night, to prevent hunger pains.Do not expect instant results and do not take drugs, without waiting for a double dose.Most of the pills takes effect after 40 - 60 minutes.Exception - those for fast absorption are placed under the tongue (eg, nitroglycerin, glycine).


Taking the pill, it is necessary to observe a certain diet.Improve digestion Festal, mezim forte and other enzyme preparations is best taken immediately during the meal.Aspirin should not be mixed with spicy food and citrus hour before and one hour after taking the pills.If you do not follow this rule, gastric mucosa irritation you provided.
When antidepressants is better to exclude foods containing tyramine: cheese, yeast, soy sauce, fish roe, avocado.Otherwise, you will spoil the day strong drowsiness and high blood pressure.
tetracycline tablets, as we have already warned, can not tolerate the neighborhood with dairy products.An hour or two before and after taking the medicine discard the milk in any way, cottage cheese, yogurt.
If a person takes hormones, it is important to provide the body with protein food.
Vitamins require fat, and drugs that regulate digestion, on the contrary, can not be combined with fatty foods.Spinach, rhubarb, tea and bread with bran, combines with calcium present in many vitamins, prevent the body to absorb it.

How to swallow?

to medicine rather got into the blood, and fulfilled its task, the American Medical Association suggests the following way of taking the pills.Type in your mouth a little water and tilt your head back.At the moment of swallowing, tilt your head forward.Then wash down the drug full glass of water, if the annotation to the drug indicated otherwise.

can not gnaw or unscrew the capsule: gelatin shell was not invented for beauty, and to ensure the "delivery" of drugs on purpose - in the gastro-intestinal tract.There is another reason why you can not damage the skin pills doctors increasingly prescribe the means of so-called sustained release (extended) activities that are no longer needed in recent years to take on 5 times a day - the shell in such cases provides a slow release of the drug, and damageit can not be.

Never swallow tablets lying: they may begin to decompose in the esophagus, leading to heartburn, nausea and vomiting.

Where to take?

Very carefully it is necessary to take the tablets in the summer, especially if you sunbathe in the hot sun.Some medications can increase sensitivity to light, change of skin pigmentation.After taking the drugs you obgorite quickly in the sun.To return from vacation "chocolate", not spotted panther on time refrain from taking hormones, antibiotics, tranquilizers, analgesics, antiseptics and skin.If the treatment can not be postponed, the tan you contraindicated, so it's worth to give up a trip to the sea or most of the time in the shade.

And another.Take the medicine at the sight of the guests and colleagues is considered bad form.

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