12 August

Glasses or contact lenses : your choice .Women Health

Vision problems?And you can not decide which is better - glasses or contact lenses?Let's try to sort out this issue. First , glasses and contact lenses - it is only an imperfect means of an optical system of the eye correction.Will you wear them, or will not, on the myopia will not be affected, as its progression depends entirely on other factors.

Second , what is better - glasses or contact lenses, be able to solve only you, but for that you need to try.Already many short-sighted people alternate between one and the other.

carry out a comparative analysis, which will help everyone to decide which vision correction option is best suited to him.

If you wear glasses, the distance between your eye and the lens sometimes creates distortion.Contact lenses are worn directly on the eye and provide a homogeneous optical medium.

The glasses have poor peripheral (side) vision.With contact lenses all your field of view in focus.This is especially important in sports and driving vehicles when there need to see

as much as possible.

In the glasses you constantly feel the rim and the edge of the lens, as well as highlights from the back side of the lens.Contact lenses do not create any noise and glare in the visual field.

Points provide an additional and often uncomfortable weight on your face and ears.Periodically, you need to correct them and adjust.Contact lenses do not create any weight and discomfort from it.No frame is not moving out from the nose.But properly selected contact lens can bring no less, and even more discomfort than the glasses.

Glasses fog up with changes in temperature, contact lenses - no.

Points distracted in games and sports.The lenses are not distracting, making them very popular among athletes.

stylish and affordable sunglasses available to you without diopters.If you wear contact lenses, you can afford a set of stylish, functional, affordable sunglasses.

Points should match your appearance, but not every frame may be suitable, for example, to an evening together, even the color can not be in harmony.Contact lenses are suitable for everything that you wear.

Points interfere if there is rain or snow.On the contact lenses do not settle drops and do not interfere with your vision.

Points allow to be where a lot of dust or smoke.But, for example, because of the abundance of cement dust builders can not afford to wear contact lenses.

Points Unlike contact lenses do not come into disrepair, if any aerosol spray.

between glasses and contact lenses are many differences, but there are some similarities.Those and others require careful handling and cleaning.Points sbryzgivat be cleaned and several times a day, and the contact lenses require different treatment options, depending on their type.

Points is easy to break.Exceptions are glasses with lenses made of polymeric materials.Even in the case of a car accident chance to break the polymer lens are negligible.Contact lenses can break accidentally holding nails.And the probability of this event seems no less low.

For points needed to fly the case.For contact lens storage container and the solution is needed.

Lenses tend to be scratched, especially made of polymer.Contact lenses also scratched.Moreover, they are very susceptible to pollution and contribute to the development of micro-organisms, if proper care is missing or interrupted.

Both can correct astigmatism.People often think that only glasses can correct it.But the gas-permeable contact lenses are perfectly doing the same thing.

Those and others are available at a price.Typically, contact lenses are purchased because they are not visible on the face.But on the other hand, the "visibility" glasses - is more of an advantage than a disadvantage.Points have always been a source of pride, a cigarette case, clock and rush for men or an umbrella, a fan and a brooch for women.Sometimes a man or woman, wearing glasses, are becoming more attractive to the people around them.Points can easily change your image.So the choice is yours.

If contact lenses, what?The most common soft lens exist in different embodiments.

Traditional lenses smallest liquid content of all soft lenses, they are less eager, and you can wear them six months to a year.However, they are not recommended to sleep.Yes, and care has to be very careful.Every night these lenses should be put in a container, gently washing with fresh solution, and once a month to do a special cleaning.Such lenses are best suited for beginners - they are tougher others and put them easier.

lenses planned replacement wear for about three months, and then they changed to a new pair.maintenance mode is the same as that of conventional lenses, sometimes they can be worn at night.

frequent replacement lenses worn two weeks - a month.Their enough every night to rinse in the solution.liquid content of more than the conventional, they are more subtle.

one-day lenses convenient because it does not need to care, reviled and thrown them.However, one day the eye does not have time to fully adapt and cover it with a special liquid, which "walls off" the lens of the eye tissue.Therefore, possible negative reaction to such lenses.

Breathable "lens - this soft lens with high permeability.Domestic doctors recommend wearing them, without removing, for a month, then put on a new pair.In the United States, they are recommended for continuous wear for six days with only a monthly change.

Gas-permeable rigid lenses not dry, do not alter the optical properties, helping the eye to breathe.Such lenses are used for about two years.Care for them quite simple - can be rinsed with plain water and store in the same solution as the soft lenses.However, individual selection is much more difficult.The lens should ideally correspond to the front surface of the cornea, which can be verified by using special techniques.

How we see ourselves is not easy to choose the lens too.Compare the advantages, disadvantages, choose.Still, remember that without the glasses - anywhere.If your eyes are tired of the lens, give them a break: just wear glasses.

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