12 August

Arithmetic body ( it is useful to know )

total area of ​​the skin of an adult is about 2 square meters main enemy for the main "security" organ of our body - ultraviolet radiation.
Council.Daily use of sunscreen should become a habit.Apply them to be even in the winter because the rays reflected from the snow even more dangerous.Even with UV protection can not be in the sun in the daytime dangerous.During sunbathing body burns abundant vitamin C, which protects the skin against free radicals.Therefore, take extra good askorbinku and vitamin E. And, of course, be sure to use emollient and moisturizer for skin care after sunbathing. adult heart pumps per day, 10,000 liters of blood .
Cardiovascular disease is today among the leading causes of mortality of the population of the planet.Mainly from heart problems suffered by men.Women are to a certain time protect female hormones.It was only in the period of menopause, when the amount of estrogen in the blood is reduced, they begin to get sick on a par with men.In this regard, the council.To save

the heart, it is necessary to give up bad habits (smoking, excessive alcohol consumption), eat less salt and fat, engage in physical exercise, be more in the open air, taking heart medication and regular monitoring of blood pressure and cholesterol levels in the blood, if necessary.

total length of the blood vessels of man - about 100 000 km. And every minute and a half in Russia, someone becomes a victim of thrombosis of the brain vessels.
Council.To prevent clogging of blood vessels, it is necessary to regularly monitor the level of your blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol, as well as irreconcilable struggle with addictions and obesity.Smokers necessarily, at least once a year must pass the research vessels of the brain, because smoking doubles the risk of stroke.And cigarettes are much more dangerous than, for example, alcohol.For example, a glass of beer or red wine, even, on the contrary, strengthens blood vessels.

total length of the intestine -. 7 m It is up to 2.5 kg of live bacteria that make properly absorb nutrients and the body is protected from dangerous pathogens and bacteria.However, 90% of the population suffer from dysbiosis - when the balance of good and bad bacteria is disturbed.This is the cause of many ailments, and changes in the body include nausea, diarrhea, allergies, brittle nails and hair, bad skin.
Council.Avoid factors that lead to dysbacteriosis: do not abuse antibiotics, try to calmly respond to stress, to comply with the time of day and the food is not "on the run".To establish the bowels, it is necessary to undergo treatment effective and safe preparation containing a complex of the bacteria that normally are present in different parts of the intestine.It includes bacteria entering the body carefully reduced intestinal microflora in all departments.To protect the delicate balance of bacteria in the gut, taking these drugs is possible and as a preventive measure.For example, in the treatment of antibiotics or during vacations abroad because of climate change and unusual food can also lead to disruption of the intestinal microflora.

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