12 August

Dacha kit : all you need for first aid

summer many of our readers are changing urban apartments to cottages.It is, first of all, pensioners, which are not only the move to the country, but also to take a grandchild for recuperation.The second category - vacationers, who prefer local, rather than maritime climate, fishing on a quiet lake, rather than studying the attractions near and far abroad.Some generally carried out in the country from four to six months.But even if you spend time at the cottage on weekends, even in these two days can happen different.And that health problems are not caught off guard, you need to take care in advance.Prepare a first aid kit.What should it be?

First of all, those who have chronic diseases, should take care of the medications a person takes time.

And, of course, about the subjects for first aid at all sorts of injuries (cuts, abrasions, wounds, etc.).It - wool, bandages, iodine, hydrogen peroxide, as well as tools for healing (sintomitsina liniment, ointment: levomekol, methyluracyl, marigold).And if at

the wound site has gone fester, can not do without an ointment Vishnevsky or ichthyol.

for bruises, sprains, back pain help ointment diclofenac finalgon, Fastum gel feloran gel nayzgel et al.

Even if a person has a healthy heart, the heat can sometimes be a problem, so you need to be in possession of the country andin a campaign such well-known drugs for the heart as validol Corvalol, nitroglycerin, tincture of motherwort and valerian.Many

from overwork "thanks" to the works of the righteous in their native acres suffer from insomnia.It seems tincture Motherwort and valerian as a wonderful sedatives very well help to cope with this problem.

Absolutely.Another common problem the citizens in the country - headaches.Therefore, I advise you not to forget about such preparations kakaskofen, tsitramon, spangan or spazmalgon.

When changing the menu where the country more greens and other "grazing" often occur stomach problems.

indigestion help smectite, loperamide, activated carbon, pain - no-spa or Drotaverinum.Well, if there are enzyme preparations to help the stomach - Festal, mezim, pancreatin, panzinorm, yunienzim etc.

Sunburns -. Another attack, lying in wait for the country.Use caution and moderation, sunbathing, or while working on the beds, to protect the skin with special creams.And to minimize the consequences of the "passion tan" will help drug panthenol, which is sold in pharmacies in the form of a spray, gel, jelly and heals the skin perfectly.Panthenol also helps in thermal skin lesions, fissures and dermatitis.

It is known that Pushkin would have loved summer red, when it had "no heat, no mosquitoes and flies."But it is - a reality that neither circumvent nor obehat.Dlya housing protection against flies, you can buy a special adhesive tape, and the vents at the windows to tighten the cheesecloth or mosquito netting.

A body protection (for adults and children based on their age) from the bites of mosquitoes, midges, horseflies and other biting insects have a very effective means of OZZ series DETA, Kontra, which are produced in the form of creams, creams, gels, lotions,lotions, sprays.

In the event of an allergic reaction, it is desirable to have in the medicine cabinet amertil, aplerkaps, Kestin or other drugs, and from an elevated temperature (so that it is not caught by surprise) - ibuklin drugs or timber.

Let us hope that the rest of the country during the summer will be only pleasant.But better safe because better safe than sorry.Do not be ill!

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