12 August

Calluses on the feet ( it is useful to know )

Corns - this vast pockets of excessive keratinization of the skin, yellow or yellow-brown, quite hard and not very sensitive to minor injuries (bruises).Corns appear mainly on the soles of the feet and on the cushion of the thumb, and the people who work physically, - and on the palms.Another type of calluses - which are small pockets of excessive keratinization, appearing most commonly on the surfaces of the toes.Corn also penetrate the horny plug deep into the skin, resembling in some degree of nails: the outer, visible part of the corn - it is like the head of the nail, which is hidden under the "hammered" into the skin of cork - ostrie.Mozoli occur in places increased pressure and friction.They may sometimes appear in the gaps between the fingers or on the sides of the toes, and sometimes even on the sole.When addiction to corn you should systematically 2 times a week, regardless of the bath, soak your feet in a warm solution of baking soda or borax and gently wash soapy pumice horny layers.

Treatment of calluses based on applying of ointment softening horny substance and containing a high concentration of salicylic acid, resorcinol, and other similar means.These ointments have corrosive properties, so apply them in a special place, so as not to damage the healthy skin around the corn.For this purpose, cut a hole in a piece of plaster the size of a corn, and shall cleave to the corn so that it was in "the box", and adjacent skin were covered.And only then apply a little ointment on corn and slapped a piece of adhesive tape.Two days later, remove the bandage, take a bath to a solution of baking soda and legs bandaged again after an overnight break.It was not until the complete disappearance of blisters.Instead ointment you can use corn plasters.

Persons who have foot problems (ingrown toenails, calluses, etc.) at least once a month, are expected to attend specialist pedicure.

In this case we are not talking about nail polish on his feet, that is - even from an aesthetic point of view - tertiary value, and the permanent maintenance of the legs in a healthy form: removing callosities, as soon as they start to bother cropping and filing nails asjust starting to grow, preventing the emergence of fungal infections and warts.

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