12 August

Nontraditional methods of treatment : Therapeutic Touch

contactless (or the bioenergy) can learn to massage each, if desired, for the warmth of our hands it carries the healing energy charge.It is only necessary to know how to direct this energy and be attentive to their oschuscheniyam.Chto feels the person conducting the session?Holding the hand at a distance of 5-10 cm above the patient's head and slowly drawing it along the body, try to feel the warmth of his hand, and sometimes tingling in the fingertips.Over time, gaining experience, you will feel the difference the patient's body radiation at different points, and learn to decipher the information sent by the human body in the surrounding space.But, of course, this skill does not come immediately.

At first, it is enough that the patient feels the heat of your hand.Practice this (you can warm your hands before a session rubbing the palms against each other, as long as you do not feel the heat).Keep your hands free, stress-free, but do not relax.The palm should be open in the direction of the patient's

body, the fingers are slightly flexed and are directed to the padded body.Mentally focus on your fingertips and start to glide his hands along the patient's body.First, from the top down (palms facing down), and then from the bottom up (palms facing up).Overhead palm almost connected (2-3 cm distance between them), and then turn around and slide down.

massage technique .

1. Linear energy distribution.
hands palms up on the wrist level slowly and smoothly move upward along the patient's hand, there are over your head, then position hands down go down to the starting position.Overhead hands closer together at a distance of 5-7 cm.

2. Cross movement .
hands are shoulder width apart on the patient's head, parallel to each other.Slowly and smoothly hands closer together and go to each other at a distance of 5-7 cm, and then return to its original position, moving down to the pelvic organs.Such movements along the bottom should be 10-11.

3. Pressing movement .
One hand is on the level of a small basin, palm up, on the other hand 5-6 cm above the head down.Hands slowly and smoothly moved toward each other to a distance of 5-7 cm, are found at the apex of the heart, and then returned to its original position, without changing its position.

4. pump energy "Drop» .
Hands at the pelvic organs, at the same distance from the floor, palms down, fingers are directed towards the patient.Hands slowly and gradually climb up to the chin, here compressed into a fist.Slightly move away from the body and with clenched fists descend down to the starting position.Then the hands are revealed and the movement is repeated.

5. «Sabre» .
arms are at a distance of 3-5 cm, are parallel to each other, the fingers are aimed at the impact body.The left hand directs the energy, and the right hand makes a circular motion clockwise diameter equal to the width of the palm.

6. laying on of hands "Crabs» .
Hands in a hemispherical shape (as if we hold a tennis ball) imposed on the affected organ or part of the body so that the body only fingertips touching, a phalanx of the thumb and little finger.Palm should not touch the body.Hands are cleaned following the disappearance of ripples in the fingertips.Running both one and two hands.

7. Energy distribution over the head .
hand parallel to the surface of the head is moved alternately from front to back and from temple to temple (an odd number of movements), then performs a circular motion around the head, remaining parallel to the surface of the head.From the base of the head rises to the top of spiral.There fingertips connected.

8. block ending .Check
session bioenergetic massage good contact massage the heart.To do this, one arm is located in the area of ​​the heart on his chest, the other - from behind, on the back.Both hands pressed to the body, make a circular motion clockwise.

Then mash fingers collar zone of the back.Then, hold edge of his hand from one shoulder to the other and your spine from top to bottom.Palms remove energy from the patient's hands, holding them from the shoulder down to the fingertips.Then - with lower extremities: hands holding the buttocks, on the side surfaces of the thighs, in the knee joint move to the back surface of the leg, hold on to the calves and Achilles tendon slightly compress it.

minimum duration of treatment session - 7-10 minutes

maximum - 30-40 minutes.

course of treatment: minimum - 7-14 days, the maximum - 30-40 days.The break between the sessions in the norm is 1-2 days, in severe cases - at least three hours.

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