2 September

Therapeutic baths for women's health

We somehow forget about the wonderful therapeutic tool that is always at hand.Adoption of baths!You do not need to go to Sochi, Matsesta ... Bath with a decoction of valerian : take 0.5 kg of roots and rhizomes, cover with cold water, boil for 10 minutes.Bath with a decoction of valerian are used to calm the heart, seizures, and the entire nervous system.They lower spinal cord excitability, and especially recommended for nervous insomnia, weakness of the heart and nerves, with convulsive states of the heart, larynx, nerve, stomach, colic, asthma and flatulence.These baths reduce blood pressure.

Bath with chamomile : chamomile flowers fill with cold water and boil in a well-sealed container for 10 minutes.Number of chamomile flowers: for a full bath - 1/2 kg for half - 1/4 kg, for a sit - 150g for a foot - 100 g Thanks contained in chamomile essential oil baths, these have curative effect on internal and external inflammationswhy them with great benefit is used in the treatment of catarrhal conditions

, skin diseases, wounds and abscesses. chamomile bath soothe and eliminate seizures, they are sometimes used for nervousness.

Bath with glycerol : to make the skin soft and fresh for 5 minutes before immersion in the bath, pour a mixture of 60 mL of glycerol and 100 ml infusions of rose petals.

Bath with mustard gives the skin tone and elasticity, increasing the blood flow to it.Take 2 tablespoons.spoon mixture of mustard seeds and sage leaves (1: 1), pour 500 ml of cold water and leave for 20 minutes.

Bath with pine extract : needles, twigs and pine cones cover with cold water, boil for half an hour, close the bowl and leave for 12 hours.The extract must have a brown color.For a full bath should be 1.5 liters of extract.These baths soothe the nerves and strengthens the heart, helps with insomnia, swelling and inflammation of the joints, abscesses.

warm bath should always be accompanied by rubbing and massage: they normalize the activity of the skin and subcutaneous tissue nutrition.Hygienic bath should be taken after the skin is cleaned.Their duration should not exceed 20 minutes and should be repeated no more than twice a week.

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