12 August

Sorrel : spring greens for a healthy diet

Sorrel in the old days was called the King of the spring.And to do so justly, because sorrel occurs when the body lacks the vitamins and minerals early vesnoy.Polzu first green at all, and sorrel, in particular, can not be overestimated, because the organic acids present in sorrel, promote the absorption of iron - the main hematopoietic cell.And, including sorrel in your diet, you prevent the development of anemia.

In addition, in the sorrel includes organic acids, vitamin C, which increase the body's resistance to various infections and colds.

And B vitamins, which are rich in dock, take an active part in all metabolic processes.They are especially important for red blood cell formation and cell renewal.

Vitamin C and potassium, which are also rich in sorrel, useful in diseases of the cardiovascular system.Dishes sorrel will have a beneficial effect on the central nervous system, enhance the efficiency of the heart muscle, reduce arrhythmia and shortness of breath, normalize blood pressure.

Carotene contained in the green leaves of sorrel, especially required for normal growth and condition of the skin, mucous membranes and eyes.

fiber, contained in sorrel, plays a special role in the recovery of the intestinal microflora, the release of the body of toxins.

Calcium and phosphorus, which also supplies our body sorrel, protect our teeth from tooth decay and dental plaque formation: they inhibit the growth of bacterial plaque, strengthen and restore the damaged enamel.They also have anti-inflammatory, strengthens the gums, preventing bleeding.Oxalic acid plays an important role in digestion processes: it increases appetite, increases the production of digestive juices, and improves food assimilation.

Recipes sorrel can be found in cookbooks "wild" housewives.Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy dishes from sorrel and the first spring greens!This is useful for your health!

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