12 August

Moles .The reasons for the degeneration of moles.

Birthmark can serve not only as decoration.It can degenerate into a malignant tumor is exposed to various stimuli, and then a mole becomes dangerous. What are birthmarks spots.

* Lentigo - flat spot on the brown-brown to black color.Its color is not amplified by the action of sunlight.

* Epidermodermalnye nevi usually flat.Birthmark on the palms, soles and genital area are usually epidermodermalnymi.

* Complicated nevi have a dark color, and raised above the skin.

* Intradermal nevi raised above the skin and the surface may be smooth, hairy or warty.

* Nevus Sutton - pigmented birthmarks, surrounded by a ring of unpainted skin.They disappear spontaneously and rarely give rise to malignant melanoma.

* dysplastic nevi - irregularly shaped spots and blurred, slightly raised above the skin, their color varies from tan to dark brown on a pink background.They can occur anywhere, occur in areas covered with clothes, or on the scalp.

Causes degeneration of moles

to provoke a birthmark de

generation, needs a boost, stimulus.The strongest -chrezmernoe exposure to the sun.The risk group includes those who have a lot of freckles, age spots and small moles.After a swim in open water, take a shower and dry with a towel.Remember: water drops, crystals of sea salt act on a sunny day as lenses, which enhance the harmful effects.Do not sunbathe between 10 to 15 hours.

imagine how harmful is exposure to the sun, it is easy.Melanoma affects the hip every twenty-fifth of a man, and melanoma shin - every fourth woman.The second common cause of tumor development - trauma moles.If you touched it, or accidentally damaged by some sharp object, be sure to see a doctor.

require special attention moles larger than) .5 cm, as well as highly pigmented stains, is easily separated from the skin surface.

Signs of rebirth .

# Change color (uneven coloring, pigmentary spots on the periphery there is a ring of jet-black nodules merging dissimilar sizes, forming a "black beads").

# Uneven stain birthmarks.

# Violation or no skin nevus pattern in the field, peeling.

# pigmentation spots spread out, as it were "splashed".# Of inflammation of the areola around the mole.

# Itching, burning, tingling, and tension in the area of ​​moles.

Since moles are very common, and melanoma is rare, prophylactic removal of moles unnecessarily.But finding at possible signs degenerated birthmark, be sure to consult a doctor-onkodermatologu.

Science knows more than a hundred of cancer, but melanoma is among them - the insidious and evil queen.Once established, the disease can develop unnoticed in the surface layers of the skin for 5-50 (!) Years.Choosing the weakest spot on the skin - a mole or pigmented stain single cells ripening tumors begin to grow deeper.Expanding, they not only increase the size of the tumor.Due to the fact that in the area of ​​moles and pigmented spots malignant cells insufficiently tightly bound to each other, they spontaneously detach from the primary tumor mass and "flying away" by the body to give a lot of metastases - in the lymph nodes, lungs, eyes, brain, heart..

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