12 August

What will your tongue ... for your health ( Women's Health )

appears using the language you can not just nice talk, but also to diagnose the condition of your body.And each language part is responsible for a particular organ.Vot, for example, as indicated by the color language.
Maroon language indicates presumably at an acute infectious disease.Purple indicates that there may be irregularities in the circulatory system and respiratory.White plaque - a sign of the threat of constipation.Yellow indicates serious violations in the work of digestion.Gray says about diseases of the stomach and intestines, become chronic.The grayish plaque may indicate acidity.If the language is flushed from the sides, the possibility of liver disorders.Too bright language indicates a possible exhaustion.

What does raid on language?
raid with spaces - a sign that the immune system is weakened.If the plaque in the language of subtle, the disease or just getting started, or occurs in a light, superficial form.The thicker the plaque, the more fears that the disease has passed in the

chronic form.Changing the language of the flight, most often coated tongue indicate that you have one of these common diseases such as gastritis, gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer.

The swelling language also indicates the gastro-intestinal diseases.In such cases it is better to consult a doctor.Simple language purification of little help unless the main cause is resolved.After all, the mucosa of the mouth - not that other, as the initial portions of the gastrointestinal tract.

Alarms .
Redness is most often the right half of the tongue with abnormal liver function, redness of the left half tongue indicates problems with the spleen.Furthermore, it can indicate and diseases of the blood.Increased thick tongue can tell not only intestinal dysbiosis, reduced thyroid function, but also a serious mental illness.
Language coated bright spots, evidence of gastritis, peptic ulcer, diseases of the biliary tract.

Thick plaques indicate thrush.They must be removed carefully.Thrush usually causes abuse or incorrect reception of antibiotics.Thrush is a fungal disease, so the treatment prescribed by a doctor with antifungal drugs.

With increased acidity of gastric ulcers may appear .Get rid of them bad helps Lugol solution having iodine in its composition.Additionally, ulcers can be caused by stomatitis, and it should be treated by a dentist.The appearance of the red buds in the tip of the tongue says about diseases of the pelvic organs, buds, located at the edges of the tongue - a sign of pathology of bronchopulmonary system.

Examining your tongue, you must remember, if you did not use before this product, coloring language in one or another color.For example, if you just ate salad with beets or regaled blueberries, do not worry - your language will acquire purple.Temporarily.Hot tea will make your tongue crimson, and coffee - brown.Dairy products will leave the language of the white plaque.

believed that pure language without flying - a healthy digestive system.But some experts say that the complete absence of plaque is not always horosho.Esli tongue smooth as a mirror, most likely, the body lacks vitamin B12, riboflavin, nicotinic and folic acid.
Our grandmothers did not have the special cleaning and spoons for the language used for this purpose a silver spoon.Cleans plaque should be an empty stomach before breakfast before brushing the teeth, so he did not get along with breakfast in the stomach.After plaque is teeming with bacteria.

also recommended massage language.Massage the language can be a soft toothbrush.Daily massage significantly improves the function of internal organs and stimulates the production of saliva, reduces the effect of harmful microorganisms.We greatly help your body, if you reduce the consumption of carbohydrate foods and foods containing preservatives that alter the surface of epithelial cells, making it rough.

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