12 August

Back massage.This is useful to know

Back here - it just accumulate the most severe stress, pain, especially in the deep and superficial muscles over and between the shoulder blades and lower back.Massaging these muscles only in the course of the fibers.Full back massage begin with, ask for "patient" to lie down on his stomach.Then cover it with two towels

one put on heels to the waist, the other - from the neck to the hips.Make sure that the person lie comfortably.

Back Massage begins with stroking

gradually increasing the pressure on as the muscles are warmed up.

1. Put your hands on your back massaged, his right hand on the lower back, and the left - between the shoulder blades.Close your eyes, breathe deeply.Mentally send all the energy in your hands, relax.

2. Move your right hand to the left buttock "patient", the left hand is on the blades.Very gently and slowly, with a minimum use of force, resting in the back base of the palm, begin to shake all the body, as if gently pushing him away.

3. Continuing to rock the body, summi

ng the left hand to the right.Tremors are the same soft.

4. While maintaining the original tempo gradually go back with his left hand the whole area, starting from the left side and the right ending.Then, finish the whole procedure smoothly rocking.

5. Lift the top and remove the towel on his hips.Ask if feels comfortable with herself kneaded.

6. Place both hands on the lower back, right and left of the spine.Gently stroking the surface of the skin, lifting the neck, shoulder blades go around and go back along the sides of the back.

7. Going back to the back, repeatedly pinch and spread your arms.Repeat steps 6 and 7 until the entire back will not be lubricated and slightly warmed.

8. Remember how you swim, and starting with the lower back, wide circular motion proceed to a mild rubbing.Continuously alternating both hands and grasping all new area, slowly work your way up.When he reached to the shoulders, head back, just stroking the sides.

As warming the back muscles gradually increase the pressure.Strong and deep compression is only valid on the softest portions.Carefully : in the kidney area not much press.

9. Place your right hand on the spine in the lumbar region, fingers pointing upwards on the back.On top lay across his left palm, thereby alleviating stress the right palm.Stroking movements to advance in the neck.

10. Subtract the left hand, and the index and middle fingers of the right hand, press on both sides of the spine."Crossing" fingers of both hands, go down this way to the back.

11. Since the buttocks with both hands alternately transverse pressing movements, pointing to himself, promassiruyte opposite side, gradually moving upwards.When he reached the shoulder, skin promassiruyte movements directed towards the neck.At the same pace, go back, to the buttocks.Hands must work quickly to avoid an interruption in contact with the skin.

12. Put both hands on the lower back massaged next, lift fingertips upward.The fast oncoming traffic palms start to warm up the muscles, moving from the buttocks to the shoulder.Pay special attention to the blade, as well as the area between the shoulder blade and the spine.At the same rate back down to the starting position.With one hand, grab, and the other, press the soft tissue in the lower back and buttocks.The muscles at the same time as it must roll in your hands.Alternately, change hands, while gradually increasing the sticking.

13.Proydites up along the sides and back the same way promassiruyte shoulders.Thumb and forefinger carefully mash fabric on top of the blade.Loosen the effort, massage your neck, and then through the area between the shoulder blade and the spine to return to its original position.

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