12 August

Language will talk about health ( by language diagnostics)

Go to the mirror and stick out your tongue.On its surface are many signs that tell about the problems "in your body *" geographical "language." - So-called doctors, when it changed the relief is not complete and separate different color areas, found in psychiatric disorders, gastrointestinal disorderstract, cholecystitis, and gastritis.These changes are often observed in children.

* Tingling tip of the tongue indicates the presence of small bowel diseases.

* Raspberry same language of color is one of the symptoms of scarlet fever.And if it is, redness or seal, it is possible to suspect a disease of the lungs or liver, which is often found in those who abuse alcohol and smoking.

* If the language is dry, "it speaks of a serious illness.For example, the tongue becomes dry during dehydration because of intestinal infection, diarrhea or acute abdomen - appendicitis, peritonitis, complicated course of peptic ulcer disease, internal bleeding.A dry tongue can also be and biliary dyskinesia or gastroduodenit

is.Dryness can be combined with a bitter taste, especially in the morning.This is possible in case of violation of bile.

* If the language is darker at the root, it indicates ulcerative colitis, nephritis.

* Language as if painted in the center indicates gastritis, neuralgia left.

* Cracks on the edges of the tongue indicate liver disease and / or gall bladder, because the edge of language associated with these bodies.

* Bubbles on the tip of the tongue are related to the heart.Their reasons: sinusitis, bronchitis, pharyngitis, pneumonia, congestive heart failure and ischemic heart disease.

* Varicose veins sublingual points to increased central venous pressure go hereditary predisposition to varicose veins, hemorrhoids.

* trembling tongue - a sign of epilepsy, tremor, twitching.

* Pay attention to the line running down the middle.If it is bent, it speaks about deformation or curvature of the spine.

* Language with deep transverse faults indicates brain disorders.Such is the language of change in healthy people may be signs of a predisposition to vascular brain disorders.

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