2 September

Treatment dies trees ( alternative medicine )

Die - it kruglyash tree diameter of 6-15 cm and a thickness of 2-3, see the quality of preventive measures, as well as for the treatment of various human diseases by using energy in Russia is not only a growing tree, but the block of wood, plates,boards, chocks from the trees.

Dies from aspen, poplar, wild cherry (take energy tree species) are well remove those types of headaches, which are caused by an excess of energy and inflammatory processes.If such a plate attached to the head, the pain will subside in a few minutes without any side effects.Poplar helps in inflammatory processes of the digestive system.Dies chestnut effective in treating arthritis.

Migraine, hypertension, some chronic diseases of the brain vessels, acute rheumatism, sciatica, inflammation, bruises, burns, pain, visceral inflammatory eliminate dies or branch take energy tree species.

During acute diseases should be applied to the affected area die from a tree, the suction power, and in chronic ailments - charged with energy fr

om the make-up tree.It gives even furniture made of solid wood.Means well stop bleeding, can be a branch of dry wood, which after use should stick to the tip of the ground down.

Dies can be applied and on the projection of the diseased organ on the body or at the exit site of the meridian of the body (on the Chinese channels) - the palms, soles, ears.

Dies applied to the affected area for 10-15 minutes.When complex effects on the human body they applied for 5 consecutive days, then make a break for 1 day.The usual course of treatment - 1 month.To die is better to keep, you can tie a bandage or adhesive plaster to fix.

When insomnia feel unwell and put it under a bed or mattress aspen branches.By lowering the energy potential or headache due to the poor performance of the cardiovascular system, should not be used aspen, poplar and cherry, enhancing vasospasm, including the brain.Such patients need to be in possession of charms of birch bark or linden and apply them as needed.Men are more suitable dies oak.

Sciatica can be treated with ipplikator made as follows: cut from linden or maple plank size 80h130h10 mm, handle sharp edges with sandpaper.Fine drill drill holes in the plank in a checkerboard pattern at a distance of 4-5 mm from each other.These holes hammer equal length (14 mm) nails.Sharp burrs on the nails slightly dulled with fine sandpaper.The procedure consists in the fact that the net ipplikator pressed against the skin in the area of ​​patient locations for 20-30 min.Pressure Power adjust themselves based on their feelings.At first, the pain may occur, especially in the supine position, but do not be afraid.Ipplikator is designed for individual use, and it must contain clean.

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